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Feb 9, 2011 06:53 PM

Driving along I-80

Hi, I'll be driving on I-80 through PA and i was hoping to get some suggestions of places to eat along the way. Thanks

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  1. I 80 is kind of a wasteland when it comes to food. I know that Clearfield has a place called Dennys Beer Barrell Pub which I've seen on various TV programs showing off their burgers. If you don't mind a half hour diversion, State College Pa is a great little town with a number of nice restaurants and a great atmosphere.

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    1. Agreed with Burghfeeder on the I-80 wasteland. You really have to drive & search hard, usually off-route to find anything. However, there is a place called White Haven Family Diner in White Haven, that is pretty good for what it is. An example would be their string bean and ham soup. All the ingredients probably come out of cans (except for the ham) but they made it work and work well. I also had a good plate of soft scrambled eggs and hash browns. Most importantly, they had very good coffee. Supposedly, their buffet is one of the best within 50 miles. You might want to check out Bloomsburg, PA. Bloomsburg being a huge college town, I can't imagine not being able to get something really decent within the area.

      White Haven Family Diner
      302 Main St
      White Haven, PA 18661

      1. I-80 is 311 miles long through Pennsylvania, so you've got a lot of territory to cover. Unfortunately, you're not near any major cities on any part of the road. The college towns are probably your best bet for something a little better than what you'd typically find on a highway. State College and Bloomsburg have been mentioned, but I would also recommend Lewisburg, which is further off the Interstate than Bloomsburg, but not so far off as State College. There's also Stroudsburg at the eastern end of the state. Past State College going west, you'll most likely have to settle for standard roadside food or find a small cafe in towns like Clearfield, Du Bois, Clarion or Grove City.

        If you decide to try State College, College Avenue has a large concentration of restaurants (including quite a few ethnic choices) and some can be found on Calder Way (which runs parallel to College Ave. one street over), as well as on Atherton Street. You probably know that Penn State has many thousands of students, so the streets are full of people and cars. College Ave. runs along one side of campus and on street parking can be difficult to find. However, there are several lots and garages where you can park. Lewisburg (which has Bucknell College) is much smaller. Most everything is located on the main road that runs through town and there is a municipal lot with metered spaces in the center of the shopping/eating district.

        1. And if you are coming through State College between Wed - Sun, DO try Nola's Joint. The best pizza place in town. It's in a back alley between Pugh St. and McAllister, but you can ask people to point you to it.

          1. In DuBois we have stopped at Hoss' Steak&Seafood twice. Standard entrees, fairly good salad bar.

            I have always wanted to stop at the Powerhouse south of White Haven since it has good reviews, but never passed there at dinnertime.

            In Bloomsburg, Harry's Grille and Rose Marie's Restaurant (both on Main St. downtown)
            are both worth a visit.

            Rose Marie's Restaurant
            26 E Main St, Bloomsburg, PA 17815

            Harry's Grille
            20 W Main St, Bloomsburg, PA 17815