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Feb 9, 2011 06:48 PM

Chili Yummy Iowa City

Walking home I notice that Chili Yummy has opened where David's Place was on Linn Street. Has anybody given it a try yet? I don't think it's been open more than a week or two... They have a menu up on Facebook that looks interesting - and a bit mysterious. Looking forward to a new option downtown.

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  1. Dim Sum in Iowa City... You dont know how excited youv'e made me!!

    1. My self and my equally impatient date went on Friday - primetime. We had a shumai, scallion pancake, spareribs, funn roll and a cold cucumber plate. No real frame of reference for the food, but we really enjoyed it and are eager to try the hot pot and some more 'adventurous' ingredients. We both left very full, for around 40 including beers and a generous tip felt like it was a great addition to downtown.

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        yeah... we went today for linch... group of three, eight dim sum... one beer 31 dollars. The scallion pancakes seemed to be the biggest hit

        1. re: rozz01

          Yeah, we really enjoyed the scallion pancakes as well. The spare rib was ridiculously tender, easy to eat off the bone with chopsticks. B wants to try the fishhead and I want to try some of the mysterious veg and the fishball w/ roe. I had a hard time not being rudely obvious as I ogled other tables food.

          1. re: corneygirl

            Some friends and I went and had a hot pot and dim sum and scallion pancakes and a whole bunch of stuff to cook in the hot pot. All of it was delicious, although it is very confusing and I'd imagine it would be easy to order something that would be odd or at least unexpected. (That's the reason I love it, but I could see how that could be off-putting to the less adventurous). I highly recommend it to the more adventurous among us!

            1. re: corneygirl

              The aptly named Chili Yummy brings a bit of Chinatown to Iowa City!

              The owners also operate Jade Sisters restaurant and the next-door Asian market in Coralville.

              As others have mentioned, service is not Chili Yummy’s strong suit. Not indifferent, just inexpert. I stood for several minutes before I was noticed and my order taken. When my shrimp dumplings (so-so) were served I had to forage for ingredients for dipping sauce—soy sauce and chili oil were on some tables; I had to ask for vinegar which my server brought from the kitchen.

              My bowl of spare-rib noodle soup was great! (Thanks, corneygirl, for the tip!) An incendiary broth with black beans and lots of chili flakes brought sweat to my brow—perfect for a winter’s day. Bring tissues!

        2. Chili Yummy in Iowa City. What a rip off! One of the sides we ordered was Beef tenderloin. Little did we know the menu was mistranslated and we ended up with beef liver. We were still charged for the liver and they wouldn't budge over a measley 5.99. We spent 45 dollars and left hungry. We went another place after this and got some REAL food. Greedy people like this don't deserve to be in business.