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Feb 9, 2011 06:44 PM

Driving along I-80

Hi, I'm driving cross country along I-80 passing through Iowa and Nebraska, any suggestions of places to eat along the way? thanks

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  1. Iowa City, IA – Lots of good places

    Oxford, IA (a few miles west of Iowa City) Augusta

    Des Moines, IA – Plenty of good food, but I kinda prefer going about 20 minutes west to Rube’s Steak.

    Omaha, NE – Plenty of good places, but I haven’t stopped there in several years.

    Lincoln, NE – The Oven, Good Indian food and brewpub. The whole neighborhood is full of decent places.

    Kearney, NE Thunderhead Brewing

    Thunderhead Brewing
    18 E 21st St, Kearney, NE 68847

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    1. re: Stan

      For fast food, you can find Runza in Omaha, Grand Island, York, Lincoln, Kearney and possibly some Iowa places.
      Valentino's is good for pizza.

      1. re: Stan

        We were in Kearney a few weekends ago and stopped in at Thunderhead Brewing. The pizza was FANASTIC. Also had great side salads to go with it as well. We'll definitely go back the next time we are in town.

        Thunderhead Brewing
        18 E 21st St, Kearney, NE 68847

      2. Omaha, Nebraska has tons of great places to eat, depends on how far off the interstate you want to get and what type of food you like. The Old Market area has some great restaurants and fun shops to poke around in.

        1. York NE - Chances R is a's in town...about 6 miles off 80
          Lincoln, NE - take the 9th street exit and go downtown..about 6 miles off P street and you'll be in the haymarket...buzzard billys or misty's in downtown are both great

          in Iowa.. stop in the amana colonies...and have some good german style food

          Chances R Bar
          300 Main St, Hornick, IA 51026

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          1. re: foodloverlori

            I grew up on country cooking and found the Amana Colonies good but not great. However, if you are a rhubarb pie fancier, get thee hence. I could have eaten it 3 meals a day, and almost did.

            1. re: lemons

              Which restaurant for the rhubarb pie? I agree most of what they have there is ok but not great.

              1. re: aquapacata

                Sorry - don't recall the name. Ate several places w/ pie, all reasonably good, but suffered from refrigeration.

                1. re: lemons

                  that's ok! i don't get that way too often anyway - i live a bit east. have you ever been to the aledo rhubarb festival, if you live in this area? it's on my radar for this spring.

            2. re: foodloverlori

              Chances R isn't as good as it used to be. Lowered their quality somewhat for price. The best along I 80 in Nebraska is Uncle Ed's Steakhouse in Grand Island. They received a national award last year for their beef. somewhat pricey, but really good quality isn't cheap either!

              Chances R
              310 S Main St, Gravois Mills, MO 65037