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Feb 9, 2011 05:50 PM

Valentine's Day in the workplace - possible to give themed gifts without romantic undertones?

A friend of mine asked me to bake her some cookies as gifts for the trades people she works with. She's a designer and has a regular roster of electricians, carpenters, etc. I'm not sure it's appropriate. Christmas tends to be the time of year one gives gifts of appreciation. Don't most people who celebrate Valentine's do so for romantic reasons? If she gives the trades people cookies, will they see it as a flirtation? And even if they don't, won't someone's wife get mad? It would be different if it were just a plate of cookies to share at work in the office on Valentine's - these gift cookies seem to have more intent, whether she means them to or not. Or am I overthinking this?

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  1. While I hate the commercialization of Valentine's day (and how it has spoiled going out that night, with all the promotions etc.), I think you might be overthinking it. I am sure the recipients understand that it is a show of appreciation, not a flirtation. I mean, we are talking cookies here, not roses.

    FWIW, my employer is having a "send a brownie to a co-worker" event, where you could order brownies for $2 apiece, and on V-Day they will be delivered to co-workers of your choice, with a message. All proceeds go to local charities. I ordered four for other employees, mostly as a way to support the charities. (well, ok, so three were for other employees who I wanted to show appreciation for, the fourth was for my husband who happens to work for the same employer, just for fun...) Anyway, the event is a hit: I heard they sold more brownies than we have employees.

    1. IMO you're over thinking it...lots of people use food as gifts for clients and not only at Christmas. I acknowledge my appreciation more than once a year....I'm making cookie pops to give both to my clients & for those I know on a personal level. Quite a few are married but I'm not writing any personal messages on them. To me, that type of thinking is sterotypical.

      1. I don't think there is anything wrong with it... You are overthinking it a bit.. It's just a nice gesture. People bring in valentine's treats all the time to different workplaces. It's fun and a diversion. Unless she brings penis cookies or something, it's totally innocent.

        1. Thanks everyone for your comments! My partner and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day so I've not given it much thought until being asked to make these cookies - and yes, clearly I've overthought it. :D

          susancinsf: I really like the brownie fundraiser and will have to suggest that for my workplace.

          Cherylptw: cookie pops sound awesome! I saw mini pie pops somewhere too. Any food on a stick is good eats.

          wonderflosity: I made penis cookies for a friend of a friend's stagette party. Definite diversion there. ;)