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Feb 9, 2011 05:05 PM

In search of Foie Gras in Edmonton?

Hi all, I'm trying to find fresh foie gras in Edmonton. I would like to make a 'torchon' of foie gras and don't really know where to look. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I know the Buffalo Valley Meats in Whitemud Crossing has had it in the past. Might be worth a phone call - (780) 438-9202

    1. I have seen frozen lobes at Sobey's Urban Fresh on Jasper Avenue down town.

      1. Saw quite a bit of it today at the Italian Centre (fresh and canned).

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        1. re: chefathome

          Which Italian Center did you see the fresh foie gras at? Was it behind the deli somewhere? I've been told in the past that they have it, but whenever I go I can't find it. I've had the canned stuff from there, and it's okay.

          I saw some foie gras at Paddy's cheese shop yesterday. It had some kind of cloth for packaging., and I think the label on it said "torchon style" (or something similar). It was $30 for a package.

          1. re: cwant

            The old Italian Centre. It was in the deli case. I do not often see it there but do the odd time. Last time we were there three weeks ago (we live a few hours from Edmonton but go there to do our food shopping) the deli case was a bit different - there were a few new products this time. Also some lovely duck confit and duck fat.

            Oh, of course - Paddy's! Cheese shops are great places to find foie.

            1. re: cwant

              The newer Italian Centre (near Calgary Trail and 51st Ave) has it, and plenty of other duck items. In the dairy section (milk, sour cream, etc) there are cans, and glass jars with foie gras. Then, in the sausage section (just 5 yards left of the deli) there's packages of duck confit legs, duck breast, and torchon foie gras. Personally, I tried the legs (amazing) and the foie gras (both canned, and wrapped). My personal opinion is to get the wrapped stuff. Yes, all things cost what I would expect. Worth it? Yes! I would recommend the confit legs in a heartbeat too. So many uses. Plus they come with so much duck fat that you can keep it and save $ by not buying the separately packaged duck fat in the dairy section.

              1. re: doctordarcy

                Fantastic! Will go to the newer IC when we are next in Edmonton. Happy to hear about their wonderful duck products!

          2. Sandy Lane Meats & Deli
            15616 95 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton, AB T5P 0A4
            (780) 481-3972 ‎

            call ahead to order in advance.

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