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Feb 9, 2011 04:38 PM

Simple Sensual Chocolate Dessert Recipe Needed for V Day

I want to make my date something memorable and amazing BUT SIMPLE...suggestions please...

I would like to bake something vs something dipped in chocolate...

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  1. Molten lava cakes with homemade whipped cream. I use an epicurious recipe without the sauce. They can be fully prepared and kept in the fridge (along with the whipped cream), ready to bake during dinner.... use a timer so they don't overcook if you're, um. distracted! Delicious, warm, sensual and amazingly simple.

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      I was going to make the same recommendation - but here is the recipe I like:

    2. Beranbaum's chocolate torte needs only three things: chocolate, butter and eggs. For the amount of effort, the result is surprisingly silky, decadent, luscious and chocolatey. Needless to say, use the best chocolate you can find:

      In the Cake Bible, Beranbum lists a couple of variations, including adding raspberry puree, liqueur or praline paste, IIRC.

      1. A simple chocolate ganache tarte sprinkled with fleur de sel. Rum (or other) truffles on the side.

        Edit: Added Double Chocolate Pave with Hazelnut Crust - incredibly delicious, romantic and very simple to make.

        1. all of the suggestions thus far are great. i'll just add that although i know you said you don't want to do something dipped in chocolate, i'm a big believer in interaction for situations like this. chocolate fondue with an assortment of items for dipping can make for a pretty sensual're dipping things, feeding them to each other, and attending to the errant drips & smears of chocolate that are bound to end up on your date's hands or the corners of their mouth...