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Feb 9, 2011 04:23 PM

Whats good North of Montreal

Hey just wondering what good outside of Montreal, Blainville, St Jerome Mirabel area.
Thanks for your help.

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  1. I heard very good things about Le Petit Bouchon (in Boisbriand ; Wine bar / bistro concept.

    1. Good sit down casse croute place in Mirabel/St.Augustin called Delphi Pizzeria, they make a really good pizza (Cdn style) it would be a top pizza in Montreal, also very good poutine.

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        amazing..............Le Chant des Papilles / Saint Benoit de Mirabel
        gourmet at its finest
        my mounth and ............ still waters after 3 weeks

      2. There's a good Portuguese chicken place in Ste Rose Laval (right across the brdge on Cure Labelle from Rosemere) called Brazas... Their chicken and fries are delicious

        Gelato (seasonal): Delices Glacees in Rosemere...on Grande Cote... really good stuff.

        Hopefully this topic gets a lot of responses because Ill be living on the North Shore come August

        Delices Glacees
        421 Cote Grande, Rosemere, QC J7A1L2, CA

        1. Best Casse Croute I've ever been to is in Lachute (1 hour north of Montreal). It's family run and is called Labelles. They have the regular Casse Croute stuff but also lots of stuff you don't usually find in a Casse Croute.

          1. I had good prime rib at Bleu Blanc Rouge the sports bar owned by Guy Lafleur, the looks is like a more upscale Cage au Sport

            Bleu Blanc Rouge Resto-Bar
            399 Boul Labelle, Rosemere, QC J7A3V8, CA