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Feb 9, 2011 03:54 PM

Anti Valentine's Day

This is a request for Chowhounds with a creative streak and a dark side. A good friend of mine is throwing an Anti Valentine's Day party this Friday and has asked me to bring "something" because I'm known as the "Susie Homemaker" of our group. Think Voodoo dolls, Pinatas and Not Your Sweetheart games. Oh yeah, and cupid will be burned in effigy. Really. I am stumped on a fun themed snack to bring along - I'm more of the lovey dovey pro Valentine's day kinda girl.

This is a party for 20 somethings and is a late night party, so it's got to be bite sized and able to go down well with drinks. Only other pre-requisites - no pork and no shellfish allowed. All ideas are welcome, and very needed. Thanks all.

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  1. I went to a great anti-valentine's day dinner where *everything* was garlic heavy. Roast garlic with toasted baguette. Artichokes with garlic butter. There was also garlicky shrimp and 40 clove chicken but those aren't appropriate for your party. Bloody marys?

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    1. for me, i think of black foods. like black bean cakes topped with caramelized onions, roasted garlic and charred salsa or black bean spaghetti nests or haystacks topped with a charred tomato slice and a sprinkle of grated parm.

      or go on the nose and do "heart kabobs." skewer hearts of palm and artichoke hearts and drizzle with a vinegarette

      1. A collection of heart shaped bite sized pieces (cookie cutter would work) of celery heart, romaine lettuce heart, artichoke heart, slices of braised beef heart (likewise cut) chicken hearts (broiled and skewered but not cut with cookie cutter).

        1. I remember one from Penn and Teller's How To Play With Your Food (magic book with every trick themed around food. think How to Make the Devil Appear on Your Tortilla). It was a jello mold in a heart shape, with a baggie of red syrup hidden inside. You serve it by stabbing with a large knife, slicing off a lobe of gelatin, and drizzling the "blood" on top. I found a summary on the web here:

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            Wow, my dark side tells me that's cool. Sort of a riff on My Bloody Valentine.

            For the OP, for fairly offensive breath and things that get stuck in the teeth, slices of grilled garliky chorizo wrapped in a mustard brushed pastry crust, as a version of pigs in blankets, mini asparagus and blue cheese tarts, poppy seed breadsticks with spinach dip, or mini cabbage rolls stuffed with curried beef and onions.

            For dessert, make some broken heart cookies, rolled sugar cookie dough, cut out large hearts, cut them in half in a jagged manner and bake off. Frost with I'm so blue icing and crushed Valentine's candy message hearts.

            For cocktails, try the Love Stinks, vodka, Campari, pomegranate juice, simple syrup and a wedge of lime, The Bitter End, whiskey, amaro, ginger liqueur and lime juice, garnished with a sour candy straw or the Kiss Off, gin, cherry Marnier and dry vermouth, shake on ice and strain, garnished with skewered cherry.

            Have a great time!

          2. Have a little Google around "Lily Vanilli". She makes the most unromantic cakes I've ever seen! (Beware, some are quite explicit).

            I particularly like these:


            Best way to a man's heart? Straight through the ribs!

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              I do like those poured sugar glass stabbed and bleeding cupcakes!

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                What about something along these lines, only maybe using those marshmallow heart Peeps, with, say, various anti-valentine messages?

                Link to slightly bigger photo:

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                I saw those on Amy Atlas around Halloween--LOVE!