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Feb 9, 2011 02:40 PM

a good bakery / dessert shop?

Hi everyone,

i'm hoping for some good suggestions?
recently my friend told me about this place.. L/Lamonna ? I think it was called.
we drove for a long while to go there only to be disappointed that their cakes were just larocca's pushed off larocca trays onto their own silver trays ..
I was still content because larocca cakes are pretty darn good but he thought they were freshly made!
So i was just wondering if there's any bakeries around the Scarborough Area ( I live near STC) which offers cute desserts/cakes, So I can bring my friend...

ps: We've heard of Francesca's already!

We might go try the Pustari's (sp?) at Bayview Village...has anyone heard of that too??


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  1. Pusateri carries items from a number of bakeries around the city, which makes it convenient if you want to sample from a wide range of items and don't want to drive around to all of them. However, I have occasionally had a less-than-fresh item from the Bay/Bloor location...understandable considering that there are logistical considerations associated with running this model...but at the same time, not understandable when I can go to the bakery directly and get it fresh at the same price. Not sure if others have had this experience?

    I'm unfamiliar with Scarborough in general, so sorry I can't be much help there.

    1539 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5M, CA

    1. In the Scarborough area there is Fabian's Cafe on Markham Rd near Painted Post (between Ellesmere and Lawrence).

      Haven't been there for 20+ years, but my parents used to LOVE this place. It has european-style cakes, which back then I didn't use to like because I didn't think (as a child) they were were sweet enough.
      FWIW, now I find La Rocca cakes VERY sweet, so even I have to check this place out now.

      1. You can try Gerhardt's, which is very close to STC. It's a European bakery, used to be run by a sweet German couple, but they retired and the new owners are now Chinese. They're also very nice and haven't really changed anything.

          1. thanks everyone.. yeah larocca is superr sweeet... esp the one we bought.. :s the one with all the marshmellows haha