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Feb 9, 2011 02:11 PM

Need Help in Naples!


We're staying in Naples for the month of Feb. and have yet to find or read about a restaurant that sounds interesting. I don't want to sound like a jerk. But we've eaten out or ordered in several times and each time have felt less than satisfied with the food. We've ordered in from Empire China in Naples Plaza and thought the food was less than good. We went to the Dock and their sister place in Tin City (Riverwalk?). The Dock was good (Great fried calamari) and Riverside was just okay. Also went to the sushi place at Fujiyama, on Rt. 41. It was really odd having our sushi and rolls made by a non-Japanese chef.. It wasn't the worse thing in the world, just a little odd. Food was okay.

We've been shopping at Food For Thought and basically have been pleased with variety and quality. Been filling in at Publix. Been to Wynn's for a quick walk thru but will definitely go back.

So, what we're looking for is good food, prepared by people who care about what they're serving. Specifically, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Italian, a place for ribs and plain old American. I've read many of the Chow postings here and nothing stands out. We're not looking to spend a fortune at every meal but don't mind a splurge now and then. We do come from the NY metro area and are used to lots of diversity in our eating choices. I hope I.'m not asking too much. Thanks in advance for your help.

Toby 1355

Empire China
2085 Tamiami Trl N, Naples, FL 34102

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  1. welcome to naples...
    as for regular chinese take out i like Jasmine on radio and santa barbra rds...
    have not eaten at any of the thai places so cant help u there..
    bha bha is probably your best bet for indian

    as far as italian..i like a few places...pazzo on fifth ave..if u dont mind a little drive ..arturos down on marco island is good...
    as far as ribs i like 2 places the brown bag in golden gate and cracklin jacks on 951...
    plain old american..mels diner is ok..i like fine fixins (a little hole in the wall place for lunch)

    for shopping publix is good..wynns does very good prepared foods..
    there is a whole paycheck in north naples also if u like them...
    and oakes farms is good as well

    1. We obviously can't compete with the creativity and ethnicity in the New York Area. I haven't found a Chinese that can compare to big city Chinatowns. There's an excellent Thai retaurant in Bonita Springs called Home Thai Sushi Bar, as good as my favorite place back in Chicago. Sushi Thai Too is pretty good on 5th Ave. Rosso Pommodoro has very good pizza. It's a chain from Italy and they bring in their ingredients from across the pond, including Italian Bufalo Mozzarella and their flour. They have a wood burning oven and it's pretty close to the pizza I had in the original Naples. Campiello, also in downtown Naples, also has really good Italian food and a wood burning oven. The only dining you may not have in NY is peruvian and we have a fantastic restaurant call Inca Kitchen. The sauces are great and the owners are Peruvian and the food is quite authentic. Passage to India is pretty good but I don't believe it will compare to what is available back home. If you like your ribs mealy like falling off the bone with really sweet sauce there are some options. If you've had Memphis, KC, or Texas style, the rib capitals of the country with ribs that have some fight to them and more tangy than sweet sauce, forget about it. Fernando the Bull has good Cuban. Make sure to get the local specialty of fried grouper at Grouper and Chips.

      Sushi Thai Too
      898 5th Ave S, Naples, FL 34102

      1. Someone who DOES care about what she serves is at Sweet Mama's Island Cuisine at
        3560 Tamiami Trail East...nice chicken curry and jerk dishes offered there too!

        Also: Revrend Andy MEANT to post Fernandez the won't find it under Fernando, just sayin' Rev! Fernandez rocks for Cuban food!

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          Oops! Thanks for the correction Val.

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            I have to agree. Just had a great meal and would like to second the recommendation of Sweet Mama's Island Cuisine on 41 in the old Mister Mom's location. I had the Seafood Jambalaya, which was very well done, but I fell in love with the Corn Casserole. I had read reviews by An Insatiable Appetite blog and the and decided I had to try this locally owned restaurant operated by two marvelous sisters. Everything I read was positive. Friendly and great food. I will return and bring friends. Already know I want to try the oxtails and then the goat curry.

          2. the chefs from Fujiyama's left and opened their own place called Sushi one which is on the SW corner of Pine Ridge and Goodlette. its the best sushi i've eaten and i've eaten sushi in NY and LA and SF. ask for Norio.
            no really good chinese. no really good Thai.
            Inca's Kitchen is not only great peruvian food but at a bargain--and he recently renovated. best local, non chain ethnic cuisine we have.
            plenty of Italian: Campiello's and Sea Salt sit opposite each other and offer different choices. Sea Salt is owned by a world class chef (he had the #1 rated rest in DC).
            Michelbob's for ribs but Bricktop's at the Waterside Mall also has good ribs and for me is the best bistro in town--great service and food (part of a very small chain).
            AZN at Mercato has both good sushi and fusion asian dishes and is very busy on the wknds and one can eat outside and people watch or go to the Silverspot theater and watch movies in oversized leather theater chairs or just hang out in the "European style" cafe.

            Bricktop's Restaurant
            5555 Tamiami Trl N Ste 18, Naples, FL 34108