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Feb 9, 2011 02:03 PM

Mary Brown's Chicken on Blackfoot YYC

got a 10-piece meal at Mary Brown's on Blackfoot. WHAT A RIPOFF!!! I've never seen less meat on chicken bones in my entire life. their "breasts" literally have about 2 bites of meat on them (I'm not kidding or exaggerating). and, apparently, they consider wings "pieces." I certainly won't be returning. has anyone else found this at Mary Brown's on Blackfoot?

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  1. I've given all of the Mary's Browns' locations over half a dozen chances in total and unfortunately they have never delivered the goods. I kept thinking, it must be a one off, it really can't be this bad and stay in business but I have not once even been satisfied, let alone wow'ed. I dunno if it's cause I've been spoiled by Popeye's and Church's chicken but I will never ever set foot in a MB again. It truly boggles my mind how they can stay in business and how low some people's taste buds can truly be.

    To me the problems were not only the size portions but the repeated soggy chicken, hard fries and overall blandness. Not once have I ever enjoyed the chicken OR fries.

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      I think those mass produced chickens are now so small. I recently picked up KFC, which I hadn't had in years! It was puny I had to take a picture. Sounds like MB is no different.

      1. re: TSAW

        LOL, hilarious picture! it's crazy they sell chicken like that.

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          I didn't realize they were serving meat from Cornish Game Hens!
          Dean in Red Deee

      2. I've tried their food twice. Both times extremely greasy, small portions, bland.