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Feb 9, 2011 02:02 PM

Know where I can get a dish called Wor Su Gai?

Hiya, I use to live in Washington state and the almond chicken was a lot different there, fried and served with an almond gravy. Tonight I learned that the dish is actually called Wor Su Gai, and I was wondering if anyone knew of a place in town I could get it. =)

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  1. I too used to live in WA and found this at the Chinese restaurant near by work (at the time). It was delicious and I just knew it by Almond Chicken. But when I moved from WA, I couldn't find it anymore either. The restaurant in WA, I think, is gone, but it was up on the hill in Renton by Fred Mayer. I've found a couple recipes for it, but the gravy part doesn't sound like it will taste the same. If you find a recipe please post it.

    1. It appears that Wor su gai is only available in Columbus, Ohio. I left in 1983 and have not found it elsewhere. I used to have it at Ding Ho on the westside, but I understand it is gone.