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Feb 9, 2011 01:59 PM

Singaporean food/Sambal Stingray


My partner's from Singapore, and for Valentine's Day I'd like to take him someplace to eat his favorite dish from back home -- Sambal Stingray. Unfortunately, none of the foodies of my acquaintance know where to get it. Any help? We'll go anywhere in the city.


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    1. It's not in the city and it's not a Vday resto as it's a hole in the wall but Taste Good in Elmhurst is the closest thing I've ever had to real Singaporean food.

      I didn't see sambal stingray on the menu but they have sambal shrimp. You can try calling them

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        Taste Good does have it; read the article I linked above.

        None of the sambals impressed KF Seetoh, though!

      2. Nyonya does several preparations of stingray. I think their "Cheng-Lai" Stingray might be what you're looking for.

        199 Grand St, New York, NY 10013

        1. I've had it at nyonya, taste good and overseas

          overseas: this was the best of the bunch

          taste good: decent version

          nyonya: i don't think their version is very good, i found the meat to be too dry and their sambal was not good

          since your friend is singaporean, let him know that a) they use a much larger stingray than they do in singapore, so i do not find the meat as tender or flavorful as the ones in singapore and b) no one can get the sambal sauce right, its not spicy enough and not as flavorful as the real deal in singapore.

          however, if you want the dish I'd go to overseas for sambal stingray.

          erica - btw if you read that article closely you'll realize that seetoh only went to like half of the restaurants and then the rest was the author inferring what he thought seetoh would say. although seetoh is correct in that no one gets the sambal sauces correct. seetoh is somewhat of a controversial critic in singapore as he was originally a food reviewer / blogger, but as he got more well-known alot of people see him more now as just trying to market himself and sell his guides and other products and watch his shows etc (he's in KFC commercials in singapore now). i don't really have an opinion one way or the other since i obviously don't live in singapore although i think him trying to make hawkers popular is a good thing (definitely my favorite part of singaporean food culture)