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Feb 9, 2011 01:17 PM

update on Chef Salvatore?

Anyone have any news or been there yet /recently?
Is it worth a try?

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  1. Dh and I ate there and enjoyed our meal, however most other 'hounds that posted did not:

    1. Yeah, just went there tonight for the first time. Overall, a very pleasant experience. Service was good, all the way down to the bus boy who was very attentive and efficient. Food was very good. Better than we expected. My husband had the chicken marsala with a side of spinach and I had the bianca pizza (a surprise because I was expecting a white pizza with cheese but no tomato sauce. There wasn't any cheese at all...just arugula, tomato and prosciutto, but still very tasty). The caeser salad to start and the cappucino and coffee at the end were also very good. They even had some accordion music, which thankfully was not very loud. This is a big restaurant and the owner/chef is hoping to make a go of it but that means lots of tables need to be filled. Even though service was a little slow coming out of the kitchen, I would give this one a try. Definitely several steps up from the two previous restaurants.

      1. Dh says Chef Salvatore has a sign up that they are "under new management"

        According to this article on it will become another italian restaurant called Blue.

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          We stopped in ten days or so ago. They didn't have their menu ready yet, but we had a decent pizza. The beer taps that disappeared when it was Chef Salvatore's are back (I don't know why, but that really bothered us). The bartender was very nice. It's called L'Angolo Blue (Blue Corner), and the sign today says they have happy hour from five to seven Monday through Friday. It can't help but be an improvement over what Chef Salvatore's had become.

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            We hadn't been to Chef Salvatore in quite a while. Went twice, maybe three times and felt the food didn't justify the prices they were charging. We'll have to stop by L'Angolo Blue and give it a try.

        2. My husband and I had dinner at L'Angolo Blue this past weekend. We were pleasantly surprised by the restaurant itself. We have been there once when Chef Salvatore was still there, but did not enjoy much. So, we heard of new owners have taken over and decided to give it a try. The place looks open, fresh and very clean, live music at the bar was a very nice touch. We really enjoyed having cocktails before dinner at the bar with complimentary appetizers(interesting martini menu). The dinner was excellent, we had Risotto frutti di mare and Mediterranean sea bass which was filleted table-side( very impressive). Small wine list but consists of very good choices. Overall we very much liked the place and definitely will come back soon.