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Feb 9, 2011 12:57 PM

Butcher/Fish- Vicente Foods vs. Brentwood Whole Foods?

I'll be spending a lot more time in the Brentwood area. I'm not necessarily looking for the best deal, but just looking for the best quality fish, meat, and poultry a few times a week. Bonus points for pastured poultry, grass-fed beef, and sustainably farmed options. Just wondering if there are any strong opinions from the locals out there?

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  1. I am absolutely passionate about the quality of the meat, fish and poultry at Vicente Foods. Everything they sell is the finest quality. They grind all of their own meat on-site, daily. Looking for a particular cut of beef. They'll find it. I can not sing their praises high enough. It would never occur to me to buy any of these products elsewhere. BTW, I live a little closer to WF, so am familiar with their products. Behind the Vicente counters are real butchers. Behind the counters at WF are men and women whose job is just to sell. Bonus points: Vicente has a nice selection of grass-fed beef and a large variety of poultry. Dan is the Manager and he is a gem. If you want something, he'll make sure you will get it. He will never compromise on quality.

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    1. re: maudies5

      maudies5, I could not have hoped for a more impassioned and encouraging local recommendation.

      Unless there's as strong a vote in favor of Whole Foods, then Vicente Foods is going to be my first (and hopefully last!) stop.

      Many thanks.

      1. re: LATrapp

        absolutely. No comparison with WF. The butchers are there and I think their meat tastes much better. WF is better for some things, however.

      2. re: maudies5

        Do you know where they source their grass-fed beef?

        1. re: vinosnob

          I don't know if they use these guys exclusively but the beef I picked up last week was from:

      3. I appreciate the responses. I hopped into Vicente Foods mid afternoon yesterday and there were literally 3-4 guys behind the counter. I asked for a boneless 7-9lb Boston Butt and the butcher (Pete I think?) grabbed a shoulder from the walk-in and quickly and expertly dispatched the blade and asked all the right questions about trimming or if I needed it tied. It was definitely apparent that they knew their stuff. Super helpful and it absolutely felt like a dedicated butchery.

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        1. re: LATrapp

          They are the best. Don't skip trying out their fish...puts Whole Foods to shame.

          1. re: gillz

            It is SM Seafood fish. A bit average, imho.

            1. re: epop

              They also get seafood from Fish King.

              1. re: Servorg

                I didn't know that they also get from Fish King.

                I've kind of given up on buying seafood in Los Angeles. Maybe if I start heading downtown in the middle of the night I will start feeling differently.

              2. re: epop

                average is still better than what you'll get at WF!

                the Estancia beef is great...and i'm so glad they have ranches in CA & VA now instead of having to ship all the meat from Uruguay & Argentina.