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Feb 9, 2011 12:14 PM

Went to Fig & Olive Today

It was definitely hopping.

Couldn't get a lunch reservation on Open Table, but as walk-ins, we were seated in about ten minutes (got there by 1:15).

The Rosselini cocktail (passion fruit, blood orange, vodka) was addictive.

We were given three samples of olive oil with cubes of rosemary bread. All were good. The fig and gorgonzola tart was tasty, but covered in arugula and slices of prosciutto, which seemed a little off-topic to me. Overall, it worked well. The tuna carpaccio was sliced thinly enough to be translucent. I was immediately hit by the sesame oil, but it didn't last too long. The toasted nuts (hazelnuts?) were a nice touch. The zucchini carpaccio needed more citrus and maybe a little more salt, but was serviceable.

The Riviera Salad was quite nice. The shrimp and salmon ceviche in it were lovely. At the bottom of the salad sat an olive oil-and-ricotta-covered toast upon which the salmon was placed, sort of like a Mediterranean lox and cream cheese.

Service was good. Our waitress was very sweet and friendly. The table next to us had ordered coffee with their meal and it didn't arrive until they had asked several times and even then it didn't come until they were practically finished.

Tables are very close together. The wicker chairs needed lower back cushions: I was reclined so much it felt like Passover. Also, if you possess a generous booty, you may need some of their famous olive oil in order to get in and out of the chairs.

Overall, it was worth the trip. Who else has been their since the opening?

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  1. Can you give us a sense of the prices?

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    1. re: Elisa515

      Rosselini, $10 (the only item that wasn't shared)
      Zucchini Carpaccio, $6
      Tuna Carpaccio, $7
      Fig and Gorgonzola Tart, $11
      Riviera Shrimp and Salmon Salad, $17
      No dessert, but that cocktail sure felt like a treat.

      1. re: foodiemom10583

        Were these lunch prices, or is there just one menu?

        Did they have any lunch specials?

        1. re: Elisa515

          Yup, those were lunch prices. For dinner, both of the carpaccio plates we tried are twice the price, the tart is $3 more, and the salad is the same price. The lunch menu was considerably smaller than the dinner menu (we asked to look at one). There were no "specials" or prix fixe offerings. Both of the menus are on their website: They're worth a look.

          1. re: foodiemom10583

            Thanks. I sometimes meet people for work in that shopping center and have been looking forward to the restaurant opening. However, those seem like really steep prices for lunch. Maybe there are enough upscale people in this part of Westchester to support those sorts of prices?

            I bet the place that is going to lose business to Fig and Olive is the cafe at Lord & Taylor.

            1. re: Elisa515

              It was pricey, especially for lunch. You wouldn't know it from the amount of people there, though.

              I heard that they are opening a branch of Haiku across the street. Once that's going, maybe there will be a little more competition in terms of prices.

    2. Interesting post foodiemom! I went last Friday night and also had a strange experience with the fig and gorgonzola tart. When it was delivered I thought the wrong appetizer was served since it appeared to be a mound of arugula covered with prosciutto. There was also a prosciutto appetizer on the menu which I thought they delivered by mistake, especially since I didn’t taste any gorgonzola. It was crowded, the waitress was busy so I just accepted and ate it. It was good. My companion had the same and agreed. I followed with the filet sole in parchment. It was quite different, very flavorable and perfectly cooked. My companion had the salmon and liked the presentation. A chocolate dessert to follow was great. Service in what was a crowded environment was very good. However the crowding presents a problem. Seating for two was excessively tight. If I moved my head five degrees to the right or left, I was in the adjoining diners face. On a few occasions I had to move a bit to let the wait staff deliver service. I had an uninviting vista having to face a cement wall with a series of candles. All of this took the ambience to about zero. It may just be a problem with seating for two since tables for four or more were centrally located with a better vista and didn’t seem as compressed. The food was good but I felt that facing an uninviting wall amidst tightly spaced tables seriously limited what one would think of as a fine a dining experience. I am going again in about two weeks to give the restaurant another chance but a similar experience will definitely limit future trips.

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      1. re: Sonnyno

        Sonny, I had the same concern when I saw the tartlet, thinking we were surely given the wrong dish. If there was maybe a bit of fig or gorgonzola on top or an edge of dough visible, I wouldn't have felt the need to question it. My dining companion and I really enjoyed it. We really felt good about everything we were served. It all seemed fresh and thoughtfully plated. Not "fine dining" at all, but simple cooking and some interesting techniques with good quality ingredients.

        I know what you mean about the tight seating. I'm glad my companion and I had a pleasant conversation because our neighbors could clearly hear every word we said. I'm sorry you were stuck staring at a wall. Maybe they'll move some of their gorgeous rosemary plants around so everyone without a good view will at least have something lovely to look at.

      2. I went and loved it!!!!!
        Stunning space and delicious food...gracious service..I am thrilled about this place and have to stop myself from trying to go every night.

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        1. re: D_LISH

          Really? Gracious service?Delicious food? OY>

          1. re: wincountrygirl

            Are you questioning the legitimacy of D_LISH's review?

            1. re: MisterBill2

              Nope, it's how she felt. We obviously have different ideas of what "gracious service" and "delicious food" are.

        2. If you've been to Figs & Olive in Manhattan -- I went to the one near Bloomingdales -- the tight tables and high-side prices will be no surprise to you.

          1. I had lunch at Fig and Olive with a friend today. I think that he restaurant and the space are lovely. It has a chic city feeling that is just lacking in so many Westchester restaurants.

            I arrived on time, but my companion wasn't there. Though the restaurant wasn't close to being filled, they wanted to seat me in a waiting area. When I insisted on being seated at a table, they complied.

            First you are served three different olive oils and some bread for an olive oil tasting. The oils were nice, but the bread served with them seemed a bit stale to me.

            I started with the beef carpaccio, but I have to say that though the dish was tasty, the amount of beef was truly miniscule. At first I didn't even think that there was beef on the dish. My companion had a carrot soup, which she ate but didn't remark on either way.

            For my main, I had Salade Nicoise and my companion had the fig and olive house salad. My Nicoise was tasty enough, but nothing special, and a pretty small portion. My companion didn't remark on her food.

            Two cappuccinos, two ice teas and two diet cokes later, and the bill came to $63. Pretty steep for some fairly unremarkable food. But the ambiance is lovely, and I can't say I wouldn't return. As a venue for lunch, it is very pleasant and soigne, something that this area generally lacks.

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            1. re: roxlet

              Roxlet, I commend you on this and all your even-handed reviews.
              There are many places to lunch in this part of Westchester, and $63 is a relatively high price point. I would not be pleased to pay that amount, plus tax and tip, for the meal you were served. That is not to say that others would not find value in that option; thus my appreciation of your factual presentation of your experience.

              1. re: mrsdebdav

                Thanks mrsdebdav. If you are in the area, you should definitely pop in an have a look at the space -- if nothing else! I still miss Smith & Hawkins, though!

                1. re: roxlet

                  Went this evening. Had the resto week dinner special. It was just lovely. Very good food, very abundant portions. I loved the space, just as you said. Thanks as always!

                  1. re: mrsdebdav

                    I tried to get a reservation for next Thursday dinner and they didn't have anything after 5:30 :-(.

                    1. re: mrsdebdav

                      It is definitely a pretty restaurant. I think I would go back for drinks and tapas or desserts and cocktails, but would probably choose to spend most of my food dollar elsewhere.

                      MisterBill2, we were not able to get a reservation for a Thursday lunch, but as walk-ins for the same time we requested, we were seated within 10 minutes. If I were you, I'd try it anyway.

                      1. re: foodiemom10583

                        Thanks, but I think that showing up for dinner without a reservation during Restaurant Week is a much different proposition. Plus, I need to pick to pick up my son in Pelham around 8:30, so I can't afford to stick around for an hour if there is a longer wait.

                  2. re: mrsdebdav

                    I always enjoy reading roxlet's posts.