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Feb 9, 2011 11:15 AM

Venue space for rent where you can bring your own food?

Hello Hounds!

Looking for a reasonably priced venue where we can have a party for 30-50 folks in the Somerville, Cambridge, Boston, (even Winthrop?) area.

Of course, we already have a menu in mind and want to bring our own food :)

Any ideas? It would be for a Saturday afternoon in May.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Greek-American Political Club in Central Square, Cambridge might do the trick. They even have a kitchen and full bar if you want that.

    1. Maybe the Arts at the Armory on Highland Avenue - notwithstanding any previously scheduled events - would be suitable. It is a lovely space! Been to art shows, concerts (The Church!) and recently the Winter Farmers Market. See what they say. :)

      1. I did a party for 60 people at Belmont Lions Club. Nice room and big kitchen. Not very expensive to rent for a day

        1. arthur griffin museum in winchester is nice spot for that size group. concord girl scout house is big.
          camb. multicult. arts center- CMAC. Cambr. Boat House. Arlington- whittemore robbins house; and historic_______?white house on mass ave at rt.60 intersectn in Arl.

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            I got married at the Concord Scout House in 2002. One caveat: We were able to buy an insurance rider to serve liquor, but I'm fairly certain that the Scout House no longer offers that.

          2. We were looking into similar places and liked this, even though we ended up going elsewhere and renting a restaurant. Its where dancing on the Charles is held and they told us that we could bring food, and they have an alcohol license/bar.

            American Legion Marsh Post #442
            Gerry's Landing / Elliot Bridge Cambridge, MA