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Feb 9, 2011 10:31 AM

La Cucina Dolce (monroeville)

Never been or heard of.. Might be going to dinner over weekend.. Any thoughts

La Cucina Dolce
4366 Old William Penn Hwy, Monroeville, PA 15146

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  1. check out website Never been there but heard it was good.

    1. I was there for lunch past summer and I really enjoyed it.

      1. I've been there several times and it's good. Not a place I would drive out of my way to though.

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          Thanks everyone.. I am eating there tonight for a party and will tell everyone how it goes..

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            I've been there twice for a company party where they shut the whole restaurant down. They throw really good parties. I actually prefer the place for a party way more than a normal restaurant visit.

        2. This beiin Vday weekend, is probally not best time to try a new place. There was a limited menu , but the group I was with was up for sharing some of thier food with the table. I will be back on a regular night.

          The aps were by far the best part of my meal!!! The anitpasta platter (cheese sausauge and some meats) was prefect!! The kitchen taylored the portion size to our group of 12 people and hit it right on. The sasauge was full of flavor and chees wasn't spectacular but well suited. Also a choice of greens and beans were recomended by staff, was standard fair. If you enjoy greens and beans you won't be dissapointed, but nothing to go out of your way.

          My main meal was the Filet...I was somewhat disappointed with this meal. The meat was very tasty prepared with a nice crust. Just enough seasoning , howerever was slighlty overdone for my med rare asking. The side accompaning swere honestly just poor. My potoatoes were basicly boiled in water and maybe place under broiler for a moment. (not noticable flavor ) .. brocoli was pointless , didnt serve any purpose and the shrimp was just laying there.

          However, I did tast 2 other pasta dishes , vodka sause and thier "dolce" both done very nice. And the lamb special was spectacular. Service was spot on for a large group!!!

          My only hesitation to go back is the price of this place..Regular menu is reasonable , but IMHO not worth the food. Italian is hard to win me over , since of the overwhelming choices in the area... This is a GREAT 2nd Date place..

          La Cucina Dolce
          4366 Old William Penn Hwy, Monroeville, PA 15146

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            So you had about the same experience I did, at least they are consistent! Thanks for reporting back.