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Feb 9, 2011 10:25 AM

Burlington, VT got ranked top 10 foodie cities listing

Depending on how you read the list they provide, Burlington might be "above" Portland, ME and Boston-Cambridge in the list. ;) It's not clear if the list is counting down or up, though. :)

From the article (
A city’s food appeal is not just measured by fine dining or Michelin stars; you have to also consider the everyday eating experiences. Is there a unique regional cuisine? Have ethnic enclaves left edible legacies on the area’s tables? The availability of fresh local produce, meats and seafood are other major considerations.

In such discussions, certain major cities such as New York and New Orleans tend to be named, but Sperlings Best Places crunched numbers, using the following city data: ratio of local restaurants to chain restaurants, number of Whole Foods and cooking stores, number of wine shops, wine bars, craft breweries, and brew pubs; and the number of CSA (community supported agriculture) farms and local farmers markets. (Note: given populations are for metro areas.


The result is a top ten that isn’t dominated by the usual suspects. To see the top picks, including more than a few you probably didn’t expect, dig in.

Go Burlington!

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  1. Burlington does have some outstanding restaurants, even some that are not too too expensive like Duino Duende and Skinny Pancake. I was jealous because my wife got to eat at Single Pebble and Trattoria D'elia on a business trip last week. I just wish I lived a little closer so that I could try some of them more often!

    Skinny Pancake
    60 Lake St Ste 1A, Burlington, VT 05401

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    1. re: Shann

      In my book; Single Peeble is #1!!!

      1. re: Shann

        Though this particular list isn't just about restaurants. :) It includes other things like the local food movement and CSAs and stuff. :)

        1. re: Morganna

          Burlington locally produced food scene took a big hit and loss loss as the result of the fire at "Pete's Greens Farm last Fall.

          1. re: ospreycove

            Pete's Greens was hardly the only local farm. It is the only one providing greens through the winter, but that's hardly the entirety of the local food scene. It was a hit, but I wouldn't call it a big hit.

            1. re: Morganna

              To Clair's restaurant it was a big hit; so much so that they have had constant fundraisers to get Pete's back on its feet.

              1. re: Morganna

                I agree that there are quite a few local farms in this area but the fire at Pete's had a very major impact. The support for Pete's has been huge (I attended the concert at Higher Ground which alone raised over $25,000).

          1. re: bewley

            Odd that they mentioned Taste in the article. Rick closed the doors there 2 years ago...............

            1. re: TonyO

              What happened to Taste? I don't eat out on Burlington often but enjoyed it the few times I went.

              1. re: andytee

                Rick (the owner) closed it a couple years ago. He now runs teh Little garden Market on the Ferry Road in Charlotte. Great guy !

            2. re: bewley

              From Claire's website Go Green for Pete's Greens: On St. Patrick's Day, come to Claire's for a benefit for the Pete's Farm Fund, to rebuild the barn and help Pete and his crew. Celebrate the day by wearing your finest greens, bring some extra greens in your wallet, and show off your talent at our Open Mic Night in support of Pete's. Pete recently announced that in 2-3 years, when his farm is back on stable financial ground, he will repay the money raised to support Pete's Greens to a special fund to support Vermont agriculture and farms in crisis. We're excited to be part of this effort and hope you will join us on March 17th. Email if you are interested in performing.