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Feb 9, 2011 09:25 AM

Kosuke for ramen in Alhambra?

Has anyone tried this small ramen shop in Alhambra? I walked by it the other day and the menu looks promising. I think it used to be a boba shop before called Quickly

618 W Main St
Alhambra, CA 91801
(626) 289-8030

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  1. So I ended up trying Kosuke last night for takeout and really enjoyed it. I had their tonkotsu ramen with a side order of gyoza. The very sweet Japanese lady owner packaged my order nicely, keeping the noodles and toppings separate from the tonkotsu broth so they wouldn't get soggy. The broth was flavorful and I liked the bits of corn added for topping. There was a pad of butter that I presume was for the soup but it didn't need it at all. The chasu pork tasted very fresh too. Gyoza were on the small side but tasty. I would definitely go back

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      Tried this place yesterday. Also had the tonkotsu ramen with side of spicy tuna roll. My SO had the butter ramen with side of fried gyoza. Both were very tasty and the price points were pretty good. The chashu in the ramen was small but very flavorful. I would return.

    2. Best kept secret? I just stopped in here for lunch today and straight up: it was a very good bowl of tonkotsu ramen. Shockingly good. So good I can't believe more people on Chowhound haven't rolled through yet, just to try.

      Here's a pic:

      Definitely better than Ton Chan and really, as satisfying a bowl of tonkotsu ramen as I've had anywhere in recent memory. Let me be careful here...I'm not about to declare it better than Jinya or Santouka. I'm just saying: it was really good. Let's just say 1) I'll definitely go back and 2) SGV ramen fiends should at least try it and see for themselves.

      Their ramen reminded me a lot of Santouka's, in look and taste, especially the rich porkiness of the broth plus its dose of salinity. I didn't think it was quite as potent as Santouka's brew but definitely a step more hefty than Daikokuya or Shin Sen Gumi's. The pork was good though not remarkable and the other toppings were fairly standard. Personally, I found the taste of pickled ginger just a touch invasive at times; maybe next time, I'll just take it out by hand.

      Price is good too: $6.95 if I recall. That said, I also got a $1.50 side of curry rice and it was a dollop of rice with some curry sauce poured on it. I'm not going to say it was a rip but it didn't leave a great impression on me either.

      Chowhounders: confirm I'm not completely crazy. Try this place out and see how it stacks up for SGV-side ramen.

      327 E 1st St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

      3760 S Centinela Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90066

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        I've been there about 3-4 times and have always enjoyed the tonkotsu ramen, trying different types. The chicken one is ok. However, it's too hot out now to eat hot soup.

        1. re: odub

          how did I not know about a ramen place in SGV!

          Unfortunately I don't have days off from work for next 1.5 weeks and after that I'm going on a vacation. This sucks I really want to try it tomorrow too.

          1. re: odub

            I forgot to add: their noodles are the generic, yellow squiggly kind. I happen to like those but I know some purists take issue with em.

            1. re: odub

              have tried it and much prefer Ton Chan over this. The pork was not match for Ton Chan's and i just love half boiled eggs. Different strokes for different folks.

              1. re: dreamcast18

                FYI: closed on Sunday. (We had a ramen craving & found out the hard way).

                People were scared away from this location by noodle squared. I know I was. Need more data.

                1. re: TonyC

                  @ TonyC: Yeah, what's up with Noodle Squared?
                  @ Dreamcast18: I need to try the two spots, back to back days, to do a fair comparison. I may have gone into Kosuke with lower expectations than I have with Ton Chan, which I always want to be better than it ends up being.

              2. re: odub

                You're right, their tonkotsu ramen did remind me of Santouka, which made me so happy to have ramen of that caliber in the San Gabriel Valley! To me it's the best ramen on this side of town. The only thing missing in Kosuke's broth as compared to Santouka's is that hint of wine or sake, and Santouka's is a bit saltier.

                We also tried the ramen with the black oil -- excellent flavor! Kinda like sesame oil. Sorry, forgot what they named this ramen dish.

                Odub, you're not crazy for comparing it to Santouka -- your mention of Santouka is what led us to try Kosuke, thanks!

                1. re: chowchow12345678

                  How did you like it in comparison to Ton Chan?

                  1. re: Peripatetic

                    Well, I didn't really care for Ton Chan's ramen so I didn't go back after the first try. Kosuke's ramen is WAY better; it's the next best ramen to Santouka's.

                    1. re: chowchow12345678

                      I recently tried Fujin Ramen in West Covina and thought it was better than both Ton Chan and Kosuke.

                      My main gripe with kosue was that the pork slices in their tokotsu ramen were super thing and there was only 2 of them. I don't know if they skimped on just me but I was not too impressed with their borth. It was god but not worth going out of my way.

                      Fujin's I felt had a bit more depth to it and the noodles there were better as well.

                      Fujin Ramen
                      1017 S Glendora Ave, West Covina, CA 91790