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Feb 9, 2011 09:14 AM

Good eats near the Filmore center?

My husband and I are going to see Cake at the Filmore next week. Can anyone recommend a good cheap eats or possibly mid range good eats that is in walking distance to the center? Nothing to upscale. Any good Turkish / Greek recommendations would be great.


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  1. You have all of Japantown across the street. You have Fillmore Street with countless options. Le Mediterean is sp?, Dosa Indian, and there is a middle eastern place I have never been too right up there. But hands down you should go to Delfina pizzaria for the side dishes if not the pizza - it ain't greek but it is great.

    Delfina Restaurant
    3621 18th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

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      Pizzeria Delfina was the first place I thought of too. That location always has long lines though, so go early.

      Fresca on Fillmore was pretty decent the last time I ate there. But agree, something cheap at Japantown might be a better bet. On the Bridge or Mifune?

      Best nearby Greek is Mezes on Chestnut, 5-10 minutes drive over the hill in the Marina.

      Fresca Restaurant
      2114 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94115

      On the Bridge
      1581 Webster St # 206, San Francisco, CA

      Mifune Restaurant
      1737 Post St Ste 375, San Francisco, CA 94115

      2373 Chestnut Street, San Francisco, CA 94123

      Pizzeria Delfina
      2406 California St, San Francisco, CA 94115

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        Cool! That'll work fine. Thanks to both of you.

      2. re: trespinero

        The Middle Eastern place you are thinking of across the street from Dosa is called Pride of the Mediterranean and is undoubtedly one of the worst restaurant in the entire city of San Francisco and should be avoided at all costs.

        It is more known for being a hooka lounge and the food there is often old, cold, or just down-right repugnant.

        Having lived in that neighborhood for half-a-decade, I heartily recommend Takara in J-Town as the best food for the price. India Palace is the more authentic and more affordable Indian on the street and La Mediteranee is the best Middle Eastern on the street (no Greek or Turkish at all in the neighborhood).

        Pride of the Mediterranean
        1761 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94115

      3. i recently went to SF Bistro Grill for excellent burgers before a show at Yoshi's last week - a bit further of a walk - but damn good burgers