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Feb 9, 2011 07:31 AM

Favorite Gastropub in Central London?

I'm heading to london on Tuesday for 5 days and I want to go to one Gastro pub while I'm there any recommendations would be great.

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  1. There are many threads on this subject - have you searched the board?

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    1. re: Theresa

      I have but I do not see any specific threads on gastro pubs in the central london area I found Limster review of two and several mentions within other threads for Harwood Arms and The Bull and Last perhaps if you could post one of the links it would be so helpful. Thanks Theresa!

      Harwood Arms
      27 Walham Grove, London SW6 1QR, United Kingdom

      1. re: kj12

        You should definitely try Anchor & Hope near Waterloo Station but go when they open, as they fill up quickly. It's easy to get to from anywhere on the Tube.

        1. re: zuriga1

          I second the Anchor and Hope - have not had a bad meal there. It is a bit chaotic as you cannot book but take Zurigas advice and get there early and you'll be fine.
          Be warned on Sunday it one set meal sitting at 2pm.
          There is not much vegetarian choice and it is a little on the pricey side also but worth it.

          1. re: bleep75

            I third the Anchor and Hope. There is a rule on the UK Chowhound board that all discussions regarding gastropubs in London must contain at least three mentions of the Anchor and Hope, so now we are at quota.

            It is seriously fabulous too.

        2. re: kj12

          I just did a quick search under "gastro pubs" and got the following:

          Anchor and Hope
          The Eagle
          The Only Running Footman
          The Gun
          The Orange

          It may be easier for you to search for each of these to see what the comments are like.
          The other two you mention are out of the central area in Hampstead and Fulham (although I guess it depends on what you define as central ...!)

      2. What's central? I love the Harwood but that is Fulham rather than the West End, not far but still further than many travel. Anchor and Hope is good, would Great Queen Street count?

        Has anyone going to try the new "Fox & Grapes" in Wimbledon yet (opens today 10th Feb). It is Claude Bosi's new place, cheffed by an ex chef from Hibiscus and run by Claude's brother. Looks like Claude's following the Brett, Gordo, Heston route.

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        1. re: PhilD

          Honestly I don't even know what Central London is here's what I can say this will be my first time in london actually my first time to Europe all together. It's a impromtu birthday gift to myself. I will be staying on Gower Street and doing the typical touristy things.

          1. re: kj12

            If you are staying in Gower St then Great Queen St is a short walk for you.

            1. re: pj26

              And it is a great place as well. Also, unlike the Eagle and Anchor and Hope (same owners as 32 Great Queen St BTW), you can book a table.

              1. re: pj26

                The Eagle and other Clerkenwell pubs are also not too far to walk, as we did it many times from Bloomsbury.

            2. re: PhilD

              Most gastropubs I've been in so far just seem like ordinary restaurants to me, although some have a bar area, too. I think Great Queen Street qualifies. It's not much different than eating at Anchor & Hope.

              I'm glad you mentioned the WImbldon newbie. That's not too far from me. I see it's at Wimbledon Common... also has two rooms above.

              1. re: zuriga1

                Really hoping this place is great! I have found the food in Wimbledon village average at best?

                1. re: damien76

                  I had a pretty decent meal at the Lighthouse Cafe (I think that's what it's called!) a couple of weeks ago, with friends who live in the area and say it's probably the best the village has to offer...

            3. It can be tricky getting in to the Bull and Last as well - I tried booking last Monday for lunch this Sunday and they were fully booked and put us on a waiting list. Am now going to go to either Great Queen St or the Canton Arms in Stockwell, haven't tried this yet but is supposed to be great (although not really in 'central London' by most definitions).

              1. Thank you everyone based on the recommendation I've narrowed it down to The Eagle, The Archor and Hope or The Canton. I think it will come down to which ever one is easiest to get to from Gower Street. I can't thank you all enough

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                1. re: kj12

                  The Bull and Last is much nearer to where you're staying than the Canton Arms - a short ride on the Northern Line, and for my money it's the best gastropub in London. I prefer the Coach and Horses to its near neighbour, the Eagle, but the latter is regarded as the "original" gastropub.

                  1. re: kj12

                    The Eagle is still one of our favorites after many, many years. And unlike some, is truly a pub -- not a restaurant calling itself a gastropub. Additionally, their cookbook has become one of my absolute favorites and they just reprinted it in an expanded form last year.

                    1. re: kj12

                      While the Anchor and Hope is good, we personally preferred Great Queen Street. It's not really a gastropub, but close enough in tone and pedigree (as mentioned, it has the same owners as the Anchor and Hope) to fit what you're looking for.

                      1. re: kj12

                        The Eagle is definitely the easiest, as it's in walking distance from where you are staying. There are a lot of good places near there as well, so you could also go elsewhere for just a drink if you like. The Betsy Trotwood for some Adnams, for example, as they are just down the road.

                      2. Speaking of which, has anyone tried the house made ham at the Coach and Horses in Farringdon?