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Feb 9, 2011 05:34 AM

Where can I get shabu shabu take out

When I used to live in Los Angeles, my friends would get the soup base and all the ingredients from a resuatuant and we'd eat it at home since we had a hot pot container. Is there any place where I can do this in the GTA? (just buy the stuff necessary for take out?)

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  1. You can order trays of everything you need for Shabu Shabu or Sukiyaki from Famu in J-town. A little pricey because of the quality meat (Wagyu), but their meat is really good. I also remember T&T use to sell premade trays of hotpot stuff during the winter, but the quality is not that great and if you're going to go to T&T, you might as well just buy all the ingredients separate. They have sliced meat in the frozen meat section (go for the rolled one's int eh box rather then the sliced pack to not have to worry about defrosting). But I'm telling you, after having just regular sliced Angus from Famu (I've never bought the pre-made stuff, so I've never tried the Wagyu), I can't go back to T&T meat.

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    1. speaking of shabu shabu, i had it only once and that was in japan.. we opted for the soymilk based broth and it was delicious, lending a richness to all the food we cooked in it. does anyone know what that broth is? is it just soymilk?

      1. I get all my stuff in chinatown.