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Feb 9, 2011 05:13 AM

Goodbye Homestyle Hello Freshness-- had to throw in towel

I use to frequent and love a local Ital place in my area for years.. Would boast of the homestyle cooking (owner and cooks all from Italy ) and be basicly a spokesman for thier business. It was so refreshing to get a Custom made meal (not reheated premade ) .... I even became friends with owner and staff. (even with language issues between us)

THEN IT Happened, I was forced (about a month ago) to go to thier compeition. The compeitor I had not got along with for my whole life, one that was , in my area, the standard. IT WAS WONDERFUL IN EVERY ASPECT. I went in wanted to hate the meal decor service, but was just blown away.. Service might of been the best I ever had, place looked amazing warm and comfortable. (real professional ) ... The food, while not anything outstanding, impressed me with no end with quality of ingrediants. I have been back twice, (go out ot eat alot) and food just gets better!!!

What to do now? How do I just leave my "regular" place in the dust? I have created a bond and now I cannot even drive past? ANY IDEAS ?

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  1. Augie I feel your pain. It feels like cheating, doesn't it? The worst is when you're guiltily enjoying a delicious dinner in the "new" place, and you run into someone from the "old" one.
    No ideas for you, just support.

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      Thank you for the support. hahah....I have to be logical and realize that my "regular" place was just going down hill.... I went for lunch today at my old regular place and honesty I think they are just going through the motions. Food is still decent, but is lacking the love that was once put into it. Sever didn't even seem interested anymore and they started some type of sald and soup bar deal.. (horrible idea , not for a upper scale place )

      Now, I'm faced with giving them my thoughts , (constructive not mean) or just leaving them behind for good!!

      1. re: Augie6

        I have to say, you should give some feedback. It's really frustrating from the restaurant's perspective when regulars just "disappear". You never know what happened. Did they move, get sick, divorced, etc. Or did you do something to cause it. Since you had a friendly relationship with them, you'd be doing them a kindness. I can tell you from experience that sometimes owners (especially in a mom and pop) get so mired in the day to day that they fail to notice rumblings from the dining room. They'd rather a well intentioned word from you, than a nasty review online from someone else.

        1. re: Whinerdiner

          I took your advice and slightly brought up the decline of the food. I was more concerned about the food than any other issues at hand. (hahha) I found a way to bring it up without being rude... "My saltimbuca has been tasting alot different, did you change vendors? (ingredients are easy way to bring up change...) Leaded to a long conversation .. resulting in they original familiy has made enough money and probally are going to sell the place... Heartbreaking , but now guilt free..

    2. Don't burn bridges.....Enjoy both!

      Have Fun!!