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Feb 9, 2011 04:45 AM

Vegan Pasta and Flour Types

I'm hosting a pasta making party, and a couple of guests are vegan, so my traditional egg noodle recipe won't work. One of my vegan friends also wants to play with non-traditional flours such as buckwheat and chickpea. Any idea what kind of flour would be best to blend with one of these flours to make sure it's still elastic enough to roll out? I tried making an eggless half chickpea, half all-purpose flour blend a few weeks ago, but the dough was really tough to work with and I ended up having to add some wheat gluten to make it more elastic. Would blending a gluten-free flour with durham or Tipo 00 flour be better?

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  1. I don't know about the non-traditional flour stuff, but as far as wheat noodle pasta, I think a blend of semolina and 00 should work pretty well just with water. I do use eggs occasionally at home, but I've made flour noodles with just flour and water, and they work pretty well. Most dried pasta is eggless, after all, and many types of Chinese noodle are also just flour, water, and salt. I would make a pretty stiff dough (stand mixer with dough hook helps if you have one).

    1. Check out this blog:

      In general, I've seen his recipes get really good reviews, and he makes a lot of from-scratch bread, so hopefully this pasta recipe works well.

      1. I have made pasta with Trader Joe's peanut flour. Lots of protein and tasted so good!