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Feb 8, 2011 08:12 PM

House on Parliament temporarily closed while moving next door

They are migrating one door South. Took us by surprise -- we ended up at Buttter Chicken Factory up the street for lunch instead. See our review under the Timothy's Tikka House thread...

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    1. They were closed for lunch on Tuesday and reopened next door Tuesday evening. Perhaps some growing pains but still the best pub food in Toronto!

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      1. re: BRACAB

        I'd been for brunch and it was "decent" (as in not terrible), although the waitress was "hungover" (as in still a bit drunk from last night).

        1. re: BRACAB

          It doesnt matter how good the food is.. nothing makes up for terrible service.

          1. re: hungryabbey

            WoRst SerVice in the point of embarrassing.. how ever the food is great & consistent....hence people go back......go figure!

            House On Parliament
            454 Parliament St, Toronto, ON M5A3A2, CA

            1. re: bmpf

              The food at HoP is neither great nor consistent. It's strictly for the hangover set. Like salt? Then it's your pub. The service being both slow and hostile... Now there's their consistently strong suit.

        2. Their new location next door is open. There's a bailiff's notice on the old location.

          1. Has anyone been to the new location? What's it like?

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            1. re: literonomer

              I went two weeks ago on Feb. 22 and really liked it. I never went to their previous location so I can't compare but I thought it was a cozy pub with a good selection of beer on tap. The food I had was yummy - pulled pork sandwich + duck ravioli (a special). I had good service when I went, the staff was friendly and was quick to top off our glasses and remove our plates. The only slight delay was when we were waiting for our bill but considering how it was really busy and they probably just opened it was understandable.

              1. re: literonomer

                Had lunch there on Monday 7th March. I've always enjoyed the food and service at the former location. The new venue hasn't changed the former values as far as I could see. The place was pretty full, not quite as cosy as the original though pleasant just the same. My Monkfish with Israeli couscous was beautifully cooked and delicious. My partner had steak with spinach salad (not on the menu but nicely arranged by our pleasant server). He said it was very good too.Excellent beers, food and staff. Go!

                1. re: egnaro

                  We went last night. I agree, egnaro. Glad to see the prices and menu haven't changed and the food was stellar as always. Service was top notch too--there's a new female server who's lovely. (I never understood all the complaints about service at the HoP--I've always had friendly, pleasant service, with the notable exception of the girl with the short brown hair who is usually downright rude.) The new place is classy and attractive, but you're right--definitely not as cosy as the old place. Much more restaurant-like, and a LOT noisier! (Although we did have a very large table of very loud drunk people next to us.) I'm hoping that once it calms down a bit and the novelty of the new location has worn off it will get a bit quieter. Although this is the HoP we're talking about, so maybe not.
                  I was disappointed to see the tiny size of the patio... trying to get a seat on that come summer is going to be a nightmare!!

                  1. re: literonomer

                    An addition to my post above: right now, I am trying to think of somewhere to go for a pint, to read a book, and maybe have some delicious food. I'm stumped. Before, I didn't even have to think about it--it was always the HoP. It was cosy enough that I could settle in for awhile and sink a couple of beers before getting something tasty to soak up the booze. But sadly, I just cannot imagine doing that in the new space. It may be smarter, but it's also more uncomfortable, louder, and more formal. You can't sit at the bar to eat your dinner as you could previously. And every single time I've looked in the window or thought about going in, the line up and the noisiness have put me off straight away. Tellingly, while I'm still enamoured of the HoP's food, I haven't actually been back since the meal described above. I would love a basket of their awesome chicken wings and a pint right now, but it just wouldn't be as pleasant an experience, which makes me so sad that I don't think I even want to go back at all.

                    My forlorn hope is that they will re-rent their old space next door and keep it open as a sort of sister-HoP, a less fancy version of the restaurant they are now operating. Why not? It works at the Ben Wicks. Then we could once again have the best of both worlds: the cosiness and comfort of places like the Wicks, Stout, and the old HoP, AND the excellent food the HoP is known for--plus, there might actually be room for everyone, and we might--gasp--get a table without lining up out the door.

                    Ben Wicks Restaurant
                    424 Parliament St, Toronto, ON M5A3A2, CA

                    1. re: literonomer

                      Why not? The building suffered serious fire damage. Just my guess.

                2. re: literonomer

                  We had dinner last night; I agree that things have changed and for the better! The food was great as usual; the bouillabaisse and the rib-eye were awesome. I felt that the service has improved. We were greeted by a very nice woman who I haven't seen before. We waited a while for our table, during which, she checked back to give us updates. I have to say that this is a nice change and made the wait easier. Certainly not the grouchy reception that I had come to expect. When we were seated in the downstairs area, two waiters seemed to tag-team our table. We had great sevice and an awesome night. I will agree about the acoustics; it was loud. Hopefully the owners will address this!

                3. I also enjoyed my experience at the new HOP location, although I agree that the girl with the short brown hair is extremely rude. We could not have been more pleasant to her and she was just miserable. All in all our food was great and we were fans of the new spot.