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Feb 8, 2011 07:50 PM

opinions on pyrex sets?

because i was happy with the pyrex mixing bowl set, i bought 2 of their other storage and baking sets. yet, i've found unlike the mixing bowls, the lids are really hard to get on and off. i'm debating if i should return them. opinions? any long time users here? do you think they'd still be useful to me? suggestable alternatives? i like that they're more durable than tupperware.

i know i've read on this board of pyrex's glass not being as good as before and of them exploding. (btw, it's quite surprising to find the glass in the set from macy's is different from target's)

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  1. I suppose that you are talking about Pyrex mixing bowls and bakeware with some very tight lids. These items for just fine for mixing, food preparation, and the ones listed as good for baking should be good for baking - provided the precautions listed on the box and booklet are followed. Generally no sudden temperature changes, handling hot dishes with cold wet dish rags, no stove-top usage at all, etc. The internet and web - like the media - likes the sensational. Millions of people the world over use Pyrex mixing bowls and dishes without problems - such as sudden breakage, explosions or other sensational happenings - especially where heat is not involved. Mixing bowls - whether pyrex or not - are fine for mixing.

    1. Like Michael said, those are for long-er term storage. I have not used the sets, but I have pieces from Pyrex. They can be useful to you. I am not sure what you want them for, but they can be useful.

      I want to discuss your statement about "more durable than tupperware". That really depends where you are coming from. Surely the Pyrex glassware won't stain like the tupperware, and the glassware can be microwave radiated for a long time without melting (yes, I have melted a tupperware before). However, if you are to drop a Pyrex glassware and a tupperware, the tupperware has a much better chance to survive.

      Just use them as they are instructed to.

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      1. re: Chemicalkinetics

        I dunno, the pyrex is pretty sturdy. And I haven't dropped it yet - and I'm a total klutz! You'd have to drop it on a tile floor, I think. I've got a wood floor in my kitchen, so I'm safe.

        But I love it far more than my tupperware for the following reasons:
        1) I have no qualms about putting it in the microwave, in terms of the integrity of the product's structure and the level of carcinogens released ("they" say plastic is bad to use in a microwave becasue of the carcinogens in the plastic).

        2) Cleans easier and more thoroughly.

        3) Even if I lose the top, the glassware bowl still makes a nice bowl.

        1. re: Heatherb

          "I've got a wood floor in my kitchen, so I'm safe. "

          Good point.

          "1) I have no qualms about putting it in the microwave"

          Agree. I have melted my tupperware once because the timer wasn't working

          "2) Cleans easier and more thoroughly."

          Also agree. Some stains are difficult to get out off the tupperware. The famous tomatoe stain.

          "3) Even if I lose the top, the glassware bowl still makes a nice bowl."

          .... Agree and disagree. Yes, to your statement, but can't that be also said about a plastic bowel or metal bowel?

          1. re: Chemicalkinetics

            Tupperware and whatnot usually comes with an edge on it where the top fits to the bottom part. The bottom of a tupperware set looks like what it is - the bottom half of a tupperware container. With my little Pyrex storage bowls, there's no extra lip on them. I can say use them as a bowl for nuts or candy when company comes over, and no one knows the difference. They're just easier to repurpose for public consumption is all I'm saying.

      2. I love the pyrex bowls with the lids. Even though the lids are hard to get on or off, the fact they're so tight means that air doesn't seep and instantly spoil things I've refrigerated. Also because the bowls are clear, I can just pop off the lids and serve salads/salsas/etc straight from them while still making the table appear neat and uniform.

        1. catbird,
          We have a couple of these. They work fine for microwave and storage as well as the oven without a propel. On the round containers, I always apply a little pressure in the lids center and then start forcing the lid down around the edge. It sort of burps the air out. We also have large rectangular containers that we make casseroles in and then freeze for later use. I have on occasion, run the lids under hot water for a few seconds to make the job of getting them on the container easier. Hope this helps.