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Feb 8, 2011 06:55 PM

The Keg - happiness after lost gift card + kindness of manager!

A brother and two sisters who are close family friends took me to the Keg the other night and we were overwhelmed by the kindness of the manager and staff. You see, our week had started really badly as Elaine somehow lost the $300 Keg gift card that her Mother had given them just before she died the week before. Ever since we were all kids, the Keg had been the go-to restaurant every year for a big treat to beat the January blues, so knowing she was dying, she had got the nurse to purchase the card so we could have a last meal on her - I was sort of the honorary uncle and had usually gone with them. When she lost the card she felt totally miserable and cried for days. Police friends told us that the chance of catching a thief or its being turned in were close to nothing, Someone at the Keg said it was rare anyone turned in a lost card and they were hard to trace. They don't really have money to eat out so we decided to go anyway and just have a drink and an appetizer in their Mom's memory.

Well when we got to the Keg they were SO kind - Elaine told the greeter a bit of what had happened and asked if we could just sit at the bar. Within about 5 minutes we were at a really great table and there followed this parade of food like scallops and the most tender flatiron steak (their winter specialty I think) and all sort of great things. And they would only let Elaine pay for the drinks and one appetizer. Now that is so kind and so classy. We are slaves of the Keg forever!!!

And really good news, they phoned Elaine today and said they think they have a lead on the card user. Anyway - just shows how good things happen and that even a big chain has a heart. Thought this great story should be shared. Kudos to the Keg and big thankyous from the family now feeling a little less sad thanks to them.

The Keg
291 The West Mall, Toronto, ON M9C4Z6, CA

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  1. Okay, that is a super great story and kudos to you for broadcasting it on this board. My mother in law lived in a small town and whenever we would visit her, we'd eat at The Keg. For a few years after she died, we'd go to a Keg in Toronto on her birthday and have a steak and martini in her honour. Your post just reminded and reinspired me to revive that tradition. Thank you. And condolences to you and your friends. It's wonderful how random acts of kindness can buoy the human spirit.

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      Wow. That is a really nice story. Yay for The Keg.

    2. Best restaurant story of the year. Thank you.

      1. wow, that was really nice of them. Was it the location that came up in your post (the westmall) or was that auto inserted by the forum software.

        If you want to give them further recognition , I think the Toronto Star regularly features a "kind people of Toronto" type thing where people have gone out of their way to help others. ...

        1. Wonderful story. It's great to know that there are still good people out there, as well as good things happen to good people.

          But with The Keg being a dreaded 'chain' establishment, I wouldn't be surprised if some people still find reason to crap on The Keg over it simply because it IS a chain restaurant.

          I glad that everything worked out for you and your family, Tigger. :)

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            That story gave me goosebumps. Heartwarming. Good for The Keg. I don't love the food there, but I've always had good service at all locations.

          2. Good story and good to hear there are still kind people out there.