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Feb 8, 2011 04:19 PM

Lunch from Villefranche

We will be touring in June on a Thursday for the day with Nice, St-paul Vence, Eze, La Turbie on the itinerary.

I would appreciate any suggestions for lunch... We love food/wine and will be accompanied by our 3 young children so a 4 hour lunch will not be in the cards...

Les Agapes, Le Tilleul, and La Farigoule have all been reccomended to us...

Any insight/thoughts would be much appreciated.

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  1. A lunch at a good restaurant typically stretches to 2.5 hours. I would not subject young chidlren to this. And with all the places you want to visit on one day - averaging an unfathomable 4 towns per day, - you may want to picnic instead. In fact, picnicking by the beautiful coast is an enchantment.

    1. An ideal place for lunch for us is Le Cabanon, right smack on the beach in Cap d'Ail. In June this is a dreamy place... right on the dune, with lots of palm trees and umbrellas, the warm breezes add to the experience.

      The menu is quite lovely, always a couple of specials, and a small-ish but excellent lunch menu.

      About a 15 min drive from Villefranche... also accessible by train, about 10 minutes.

      You can probably do lunch in approx. 90 min here.

      1. You will be doing yourselves (not to mention 3 young children!) a huge disservice if you try to include all four of those places in one day. Nice could occupy several days on its own. There are many great places to lunch with children in Nice. In the Old Town there are multiple socca places (think pizza ambiance) with easy to eat, kid-friendly food.

        St. Paul de Vence is quite a distance above Nice, and just getting there take a chunk of time. Then, you should surely take your time at the wonderful Fondation Maeght, the modern art museum; not to mention the charming town that begs to be explored on foot. The famous restaurant, La Colombe d'Or is home to some gorgeous works bu "local artists" such as Matisse, Cezanne and Picasso, and the only way to see those is to dine there. There goes your whole day!