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Feb 8, 2011 03:29 PM

Beef bones for stock?

SO I've called a few butchers/ supermarkets, and I can't seem to find bones for stock that are remotely available or affordable. Any suggestions?

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  1. If you have a regular restaurant you go to I'd ask them. I've done it in different cities and had good luck.Often you get something like frozen veal bones but they worked fine. Then, too, I've made a deal with teh restauranteur and bought a portion of a huge box 'cuz I don't need 50#

    1. Have you tried Dorignac's? I was pleased with what I saw there yesterday, just not what I was shopping for at the time.

      1. I have a friend that gets bones from Whole Foods for stock, though I have no idea the price (can't imagine it's too much a deal) and I used to know people getting bones regularly (for their dogs) from Terranova's (the little family grocery/deli on Esplanade; they are excellent people!)

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          Thanks for suggestions. I don't know why I forgot to call Dorginac's. Anyway, they have them, cut to order, 99 cents a pound. Not bad.

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            Now can anyone add a source for fish heads and bones?

            I have a restaurant source which is also good for lobster shells, but it is not the most convenient source if I don't plan ahead

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              Aw man, what are you playing food poker here???? I'll see your beef bones and raise you some fish heads.... LOL.

              1. re: rouxdauphine

                Considering the subject matter, it might be called strip poker (snort)

        2. I always get mine from Langensteins uptown. The meat is usually pretty pricey (but delicious) but the beef bones are pretty inexpensive.

          1. I haven't asked them, but since they process so much of their own meat, you might try Rare Cuts on Magazine. They might have bones for stock, in fact I am going to ask them the next time I go in there.

            By the way, the best meat I have ever purchased anywhere. Pricey, but what would it cost you to go to Emeril's Delmonico for gas, parking, drinks, meal, dessert, tip? Spending $15 on the best steak I have ever cooked at home by a million miles, and pretty much as good or better than the best steak I have ever spent $50 on in an expensive restaurant, then that $15 per person for the steak starts to look pretty economical. Add a "fancy salad" with pears, arugula, candied walnuts and blue cheese, a beautiful potato gratin, grilled asparagras with some valrohna chocolate and port for dessert and I was pretty happy to be eating at home. Spent about $50 total, $30 of which was the steaks from Rare Cuts. Plus there were leftovers for the next day. Downsides - I had to shop, cook and wash the dishes. Wait, I love doing the first two of those things. Only downside then, washing the dishes.

            Emeril's Delmonico Restaurant & Bar
            1300 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70130