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Feb 8, 2011 12:33 PM

Bachelorette BYOB Dinner and Lounge Drinks

Looking for a nice BYOB, possibly Italian to share a couple bottles of wine at for a Bachelorette dinner and then a comfortable lounge place (possibly with sofas) to go drinking at after, preferably not a club though. Both within walking distance too. TIA!

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  1. how big is your group? that tends to be the deciding factor in which BYOBs to aim for! I think Carluccio's is a great choice... portions are large and great for sharing, it takes reservations, and is rarely too busy to accommodate a group.

    for later in the evening, I'd recommend Franklin Mortgage and Investment. Great bar, they only let in as many people as they have seats for, so you're never crammed in there. If you want music, L'etage, above Beau Monde is a fun place for drinking and dancing that's not your typical Del Ave or Old City club scene.

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      Thanks! It looks like it will probably be 10-15 people.

      1. re: littlecmad

        Anybody know any good Italian restaurants where a group of ten could share a few bottles of wine? Open to BYOBs but I know they can't always accommodate a party of ten. I like Restorante Panorama and Positano Coast but I worry they would be expensive with the wine.

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          theres salento- byob, takes reservations, big space- we've had group dinners with at least 10 ppl and theyve been really accommodating. plus its in rittenhouse, so you can go out to franklin mortgage or other bars afterwards.

          1. re: InSearchOfTacos

            Salento's a great option. Not the prettiest space, but well priced, good food and BYOB.

            I'd also try La Viola. It's tiny, but they'd likely just set you up at La Viola Oest (across the street), which is bigger. I've seen groups of 10 there.

          2. re: littlecmad

            Tre Scalini, BYOB in South Philly, could easily accommodate a party of ten. I think Branzino in Center City could swing it, too.