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So what would be your last meal? If it came to that :)

I have my favourite meals...Fried Fish, Cassaroles etc, but I would have to say the following would be my last meal if it came down to that.

Appitizer: Foie Gras with cranberry relish and caramalized onions

Entree: Roasted lemon chicken
String Beans with Mushrooms
Garlic Mash Potato

Dessert: Coconut Cake from Smith and Wollensky

Red Wines and Dessert Wines

So what would your meal be?

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  1. First of all, who would have an appetite? I always wondered how these people could chow down considering what was coming next.

    Anyway, I think I would definitely have a lobster roll for a starter, then warm pasta of some sort, probably spaghetti with meatballs and a very good sauce. I would ask for some rotisserie chicken, buttered steamed broccoli, warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream, and a nice Bordeaux. While waiting for my last meal, I would be wondering if the cook was the same one that made my meals during the last ten years I was waiting for this big day. I doubt Bobby Flay would be making my dinner.

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      Depends on definitiion of last meal.

      François Mitterand's last meal involved ortolans, but then again he was going out via the big C and not in say, a chair or a gurney.

    2. Once I came across a website that listed last meals for inmates scheduled for execution in Texas. A lot of them wanted Mexican food and simple, homey stuff. (some requested beer or other alcoholic stuff, but this was denied.)

      I also remember that Timothy McVey requested 2 pints of mint chip ice cream.

      1. If I was still thinking logically and could eat at that point without throwing up and had a vast appetite:

        Foie gras
        Candied bacon
        Braised Pork Belly
        Seared Duck Breast with Chestnut and Cheddar Bread Pudding and a Port Cherry Glaze
        Homemade Ravioli with Roasted Butternut Squash, Sage and Browned Butter with a few Pea Shoots
        Roasted Garlic Smashed Potatoes with Chives and Crispy Shallots
        Eton Mess with Wild Strawberries and Aceto Balsamico de Modena
        Salted Caramel Tart
        Burrata Cheese on Grilled Ciabatta Bread, Drizzled with Green Olive Oil, sprinkled with Fleur de Sel

        I think that about would do it!

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        1. re: chefathome

          I like this. Eat like there's no tomorrow, 'cause there ain't gonna be one.

          1. re: catspercapita

            That is precisely why I vote for a hog wild, pig fest! I think tummy troubles would be the least of my worries at that point...

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              Right on the money: no hangover, no cholesterol worries, no chance of a gout flare-up … man, that's livin'! Ummm, up to a point ;-)

        2. A filet with onions and red wine sauce. Mom's potato pancakes. Asparagus roasted with olive oil and garlic. Espresso mousse in a chocolate cup. I'd die happy.

          1. http://drongomala.wordpress.com/2007/...

            This topic pops up every once in a while. Based on the above link, most last meals are simple comfort childhood foods.

            1. If for some dumb damn reason I were facing execution, my choice for a last meal would just have include fugu liver. I mean, why the hell not; it couldn't be worse than what was coming anyhow, no? Let's see what it's like. (Take *that*, Mr. Executioner.) <grin>

              OP: is this a last meal question of the execution "last meal" variety, or more oriented toward just having a choice of what our last earthly meal would be? I ask as I have a number of elders in my family who quite frequently and cheerfully discuss and debate what they'd like their last meals to be - it's fascinating and weirdly informative! (No, not one of them convicted of any capital crime!) It's come up again lately, so your thread caught my eye. Wondering about the parameters?

              1. Was bored and ended up on the Florida Dept. of Corrections page and found this:
                "Prior to execution, an inmate may request a last meal. To avoid extravagance, the food to prepare the last meal must cost no more than $40 and must be purchased locally."

                So much for the foie. :( Remind me not to get sentenced to death in Florida.

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                  Well, there goes my meal! :-( Thankfully I forgot to add shaved white truffles to one of the dishes!

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                    What a nice gesture of humanity. What do they do in TX and OK...give them a bag of potato chips?

                    1. re: kaleokahu

                      Since both states subscribe to lethal injection,
                      it's chips with good dips, and then drips.

                      Before budget cuts, there was chicken fried steak.

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                      Manoman, FDC really socks it to 'em, don't they? "You're going to die and you can have WHATEVER you want for a last meal."
                      They could certainly do mine for forty bucks. I'd just want a really good steak, medium rare. If they'd make a Bordelaise, I'd want that. Baked potato w/ butter, salt, pepper, sour cream bacon and chives. Asparagus with a good quantity of Hollandaise. And an entire Opera cake just for me. Because by the time dinner was halfway over I'd be stone-cold dead of an exploded heart, and believe you me I'd be starting with dessert first.
                      Ok, so maybe not for $40, but not far off just for one.....

                      1. It's my deli roots. I'd have a pastrami on rye with cole slaw and russian dressing and a slice of New York cheesecake.

                        1. Lasagne. The good kind. I would ask C Oliver to see it got done right. She knows her lasagne.

                          Yellow cake with lemon curd. I would ask my friend James at Dozen Bake Shop to make it.

                          1. This begs the question of euthanasia. If I had some horrible, terminal, degenerative disease I'd want to out with as much awareness as possible, enjoy a terrific meal and party with friends, and have Dr. K assist my bon voyage. That being said, the meal would have to be some offerings of Lobster,bouillabaisse,pasta,Chinese Broccoli (I love that stuff!), fine wines and a killer (oops! not the best adjective) desserts. Bring it on!......

                            1. To start, salad with garbanzo beans, Gorgonzola, tomato, pepper, cucumber and a plain vinaigrette and some grilled blue cheese toasts my mom used to make

                              Then I think a basic Burger, with blue cheese, bacon, caramelized onions and BBQ sauce, with a plate of really good French fries. Served with a Stella

                              Take a break for a Makers Sour

                              Some of my aunt's cheese cake and a cup of coffee....I'd be ready to meet my maker then

                              1. staying true to another, similar thread, i'd have to go all French:
                                a half dozen plump oysters on the half shell, with nothing but their own brininess
                                foie with a small glass of Jurançon
                                Mussels Mariniere
                                Steak Frites with a side of aioli (which would also go well with the mussels)
                                a salad of arugula, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt (ok, so the French would call it roquette)
                                a nice glass of red Rhone
                                a couple glasses of a very crisp and dry bubbly
                                a cheese plate consisting of a triple cream, something stinky, and a caramelly solid.
                                and a nice ciggie to finish me off.
                                et voila!
                                go ahead and kill me.

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                                  mc, as with my meal of choice, nobody has to kill you. We've basically already done it for them.

                                2. My mom's roast and potatoes, authentic Mexican street tacos, mushroom risotto, and my favorite dessert, warm banana bread pudding with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream.

                                  1. Rare prime rib with the bone,perfectly steamed sugar snap peas, potatoes anna, espresso ice cream with Steve's hot fudge sauce and chopped toasted almonds.

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                                      I'd like some Yorkshire pudding with that prime rib.

                                    2. Well for me, it's as much about the wine as the food.

                                      A couple of years ago I stopped buying great wine that needed 20+ years to reach its peak because chances are I won't be around to enjoy em. Instead I started a campaign to drink my cellar while I can enjoy it.

                                      So I drink a special botte on weekends, holidays etc and at the pace I am on, I will drink my last great bottle around the age of 75. If I live past that I probably won't enjoy them as much as I do now anyhow!

                                      My most prized wines I never seem to choose. So I expect that at 75 I will have only a few left, so will prepare a meal around Corton-Charlemagne 1999, Chateau Margaux 1985, Comtes de Vogue Musigny 1990, and Taylor Port 1985.

                                      Probably Blue Point Oysters on the half shell with a mignonette, Chateaubriand (for two, of course, this meal is meant for sharing) and creme Brulee.

                                      So there's something to live for!

                                      1. Anything, served by a topless waitress!

                                        1. tacos al pastor. and i want the WHOLE damn thing =)

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                                            So many ways to take this. One could do sort of a harmonious progressive tasting-menu type deal (like a high-end restaurant), or instead, just a binge of your most satisfying, comforting single item plus booze. I'll go with a discordant but delicious greatest-hits menu...plus drank.

                                            A martinez and a few Indian-style chile cashews.

                                            Shigoku, kumamoto and totten virginica oysters and an absurdly crisp grower Champagne.

                                            Sashimi assortment (including kinmedai, sockeye salmon, uni and few species of mackerel). Stay with the Champagne.

                                            An assortment of fiery N. Thai/Lao-style salads and an assortment of IPA's from the draft.

                                            A taco plate (al pastor, carnitas and baja ensenada fish), with a side of fresh avocado salsa. A red burgundy with a typically obscene price.

                                            Prejean's pheasant and quail gumbo. With a mint julep.

                                            A selection of only-available-in-Brasil fruits plus Indian mangoes.

                                            Sichuan crab, with a side of foraged mushrooms sautéed with ginger and garlic.

                                            Fresh papardelle with wild boar ragu. A monstrous Barolo.

                                            Rare slice of pichana straight from the fire. Belgian frites with tarragon mayo. A stupendous Bordeaux.

                                            Passion fruit sorbet.

                                            Chocolate mousse, pecan pie, hazelnut souflee. Tomme, ossau-iraty, and a handful of other cheese. Sauternes.

                                            Good night to all.

                                          2. I would eat something that gives me a chance at revenge from beyond the grave. A mess of beans, greens, cabbage, and eggs. Think high-fiber and high-sulfur. I would stuff myself to bursting. When they flip the lever to fry me, it's my hope that everything "down there" would let go, creating a gigantic disgusting mess for them to clean up.

                                            If eating for pleasure and not spite, I'd eat a bowl of rou jiang mian: Chinese noodles in a sauce of ground pork, shallots, and sesame paste, with gongwan, scallions, and bok choy.

                                            1. Okay..... At age 78, I'll play your silly little game, and if there's anybody out there who wants to make my wish come true, I'll let you know when to cough up your Amex card... '-)

                                              One last time I would have a whole kilo of fresh (never salted!) beluga caviar and a nice glass spoon. Forget anything but maybe a few toast points to go with it, but mostly I will eat it by the spoonful the way I used to...

                                              To go with it, a magnificent vintage Dom Perignon that has been uncorked a day ahead and allowed to settle into lovely silent nuance because this is one of my most favorite ways to drink DP...

                                              Can't leave without a taste of beef. Make mine a lovely tournedos Rossini, made with grass fed dry aged for a full month Piedmontese beef. Make sure it's served on a crouton and not the disgusting modern way of serving a tournedos without a pillow to sponge up to goodness. Just between rare and medium rare, s'il vous plait, And don't skimp on the foie gras or Perigord truffle either! Or the sauce Perigordine.

                                              And for dessert, A lovely amber bottle of Chateau d'Yquem, some rich Roquefort and two perfect but not too sweet marrons glacee.... Oh, what the hell. Make it the whole damned box! May as well leave on a full stomach 'cause who knows how far I have to go....?

                                              But last thing before I go, a lovely balloon of ancient cognac and a great Turkish oval cigarette. I quit smoking a couple of decades ago, but since then have promised myself a box of Turkish ovals for my 90th birthday, so just in case I don't make it that far, at least one before I go...

                                              Look out, Bucket, you're gonna fly....!!! '-)

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                                              1. re: Caroline1

                                                No idea that there was such a thing as fresh caviar. Where does one have to travel to taste it?

                                                1. re: pikawicca

                                                  Turkey! From the Black Sea! A restaurateur friend used to get it for me back in the late fifties. Sureya had connections, not to mention several great restaurants around the country, and would get it for me by the kilo. It's an unfortunate taste to have acquired, not being filthy rich and all that. However, the New York Times had an interesting article yesterday about an entrepreneur in Korea, who is farming beluga sturgeon, and possibly most importantly, has developed a method of harvesting the caviar without killing the fish! Since sturgeon (or at least beluga sturgeon) don't even begin producing eggs until they're around 13 or so years old, this new technique can re-harvest eggs from the same fish every two years, which will speed up production remarkably! Who knows? It might even drop the price of farmed beluga to under ten grand a kilo! Petrossian is now carrying his beluga. Now let me see... How many winning lottery tickets does a kilo take? <sigh>

                                              2. Jacqyes Pepin says his would be good bread with good butter. A few years back a book was written, describing the "last meals" answers given by numerous famous chefs.

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                                                  Yeah, but gee... That stuff will make you FAT!