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The Farm on Adderley

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I know that I'm late to the party and this place has been around for quite awhile. But I went a couple of months ago and really liked everything about it. And now, last night, I returned for a wine dinner that left me unable to not post. Okay, so the wine part of the dinner was ehh. The Italian producers that were represented brought a very good Prosecco (Spagnol, col Spago frizzante, not spumonte... hey, I learned about the difference in bubble sizes so I have to say this), a couple of not so good whites, a couple of Chiantis that were good enough (the reserva was the better, of course) and 2 good solid reds (a Barbera (my favorite) & a Dolcetto). And they all, including the distributor, talked about the wines and terroir and about all the things that I care about less than food. So this is post is not about the wines but the food that the chef, who did not come out and say a word about his creations, prepared.

It was outstanding. None of it is on their regular menu, but so what... if I liked this place when I went before and was wowed last night, I will be putting it on my short list of Bklyn American places that I love eating at (others being Chestnut & Henry's End). So, what did I eat and love? Well, first off was a Red Wine braised Baby Octopus w/endives, radishes & crispy chickpeas. A combination of tastes that worked incredibly well and I wouldnt have thought they would. The radishes were sharp and plentiful but the other ingredients, especially the octopus, held its own and the overall dish was a winner. The second was called "Tongue and Cheek", a terrine (?) of gigante beans, beef tongue, guanciale & rutabega w/ bread crumbs. This was excellent (as well as having a cute title) and I'd love to see this on the menu. Another combination of flavors, textures and tastes that wouldnt be intuitive, at least for me, and worked to perfection. The last main dish was Smoked Duck w/green olives, fennel and chilies -- another major winner. Besides serving 3 thick pieces that showed off the duck's deep flavor, the accompanying green olive sections were perfect for the dish. The dessert was listed as a walnut puree w/a cranberry mostarda which was not something I'd recommend... the puree was ehh and the cranberries an interesting taste, but not something I'd go out of my way for. But this course was saved by an unlisted generous serving of a very creamy blue cheese w/bread slices. I can only suspect a last minute realization that something needed to be added... nice save.

People should go here. Although, by the looks of things, people do. I seem to be the one saying "duh" and realizing I'm missing something really good.

Henry's End
44 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

The Farm on Adderley
1108 Cortelyou Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11218

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  1. It's even better when the weather allows dining in the back garden-that's one of my favorite places to sit back, drink a bottle of wine and eat a lovely meal.

    1. Nice report Steve, I've long been a fan of The Farm on Adderley for brunch but have yet to check it out for dinner. I always start with their Chocolate Brioche with Butter and Sea Salt and love their Ham and Cheese Croque (egg added of course!).

      The Farm on Adderley
      1108 Cortelyou Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11218

      1. Couldn't agree more, Steve R...followed you in just one night later for a "last meal" (before a surgery) and it was memorable indeed.

        Stuck with fave appetizer french fries. While dearly priced for the equivalent of two whole taters, they were solid and half the order came home for reheating. Moved on to an exquisitely done, best-ever-had skate-wing served up with red kale and cippollini onions - the flavors melded perfectly and was even balanced nutritionally. A few sips of Captain Lawrence Kolsch rounded out the meal, leaving aura of satisfaction and renewal of that "go-to" enthusiasm.

        One teeny bone to pick: A pint of beer is 16 (or Imperial 20) ounces...that 14 oz. "Kolsch glass" thingy has gotta go.