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Feb 8, 2011 10:51 AM

Destin/Santa Rosa Beach Restaurants

Spending the month in Santa Rosa Beach. We love seafood, but hate to pay high prices every night.
Does anyone know of good, reasonably priced seafood in this area or restaurants that have early bird/snowbird deals that are worth it?

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  1. I came here to recommend Fish Out of Water, the restaurant at the Watercolor resort, but I see you mentioned prices. So, this is not an economical choice. Still, we had a terrific meal there in the fall. I highly recommend it as splurge option.

    Fish Out of Water Restaurant
    34 Golden Rod Cir, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

    1. Just to say you have, go to the "Red Door" in Grayton Beach. Wonderfully funky ambienc3 and pretty good food too. Avoid AJ's and the other stuff near Destin pass.

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        That's the Red Bar. They normally have a fish sandwich on their lunch menu that's a good value for the price. If price is a limited in general, I'd freqently aim for lunch out and then eat dinner back at home. Vintij by the outlet mall has a rotating fish lunch special that might work, and they try to be something other than the usual beach bar.

        I agree that AJ's is an utter tourist trap, but McGuire's has some decent fish lunch menu options and $0.18 bean soup as an appetizer. We've also had some good luck with Dewey Destin's harborside, and I think they're going to ber finishing their remodel soon.