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Feb 8, 2011 10:35 AM

Cafes/Coffee Shops, etc. in Eastern Queens? (and maybe Brooklyn)

I'm looking for non-bar first date ideas in eastern Queens that are something less than dinner: e.g. coffee shops (but not Starbucks), tea houses, desert places.

I have lots of ideas for Manhattan, Astoria, Flushing, etc. but I want ideas that are closer to where I live and work in downtown Jamaica, where I've not discovered much that fits the bill.

In terms of neighborhoods, I'd like to keep it subway accessible and fairly far east, so Kew Gardens, Forest Hills, Jamaica, etc., (think E/F/R and tell me about the great place at e.g. 75th avenue) but places east of Broadway Junction on the J and Z which also end up in Jamaica might work too.

Jackson Heights/Roosevelt Ave is O.K., but really farther west than I'm looking for (and easier to research.)

Let me know if I need to expand.

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  1. Go to Espresso 77 in Jackson Heights. Comfortable and decent coffee and pretty much the only place like it in east-ish Queens.

    Whatever you do, resist the urge to go to Martha's Bakery in Forest Hills. While it is nice inside for sitting in, the bakery items are awful.

    Espresso 77
    3557 77th St, Queens, NY 11372

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    1. re: pellegrino31

      Thanks. We went to Espresso 77. They're serious about their coffee and they weren't too busy on a Thursday night. They let us hang out for a couple of hours. The staff and the other patrons all seemed friendly.

      Espresso 77
      3557 77th St, Queens, NY 11372

    2. A few suggestions:
      Maggie's Dream Cafe on Yellowstone Blvd in Forest Hills

      There are a few Columbian Bakeries, El Cafetal and others on Jamaica Ave in Richmond Hill and into Woodhaven area.

      There's Dolce Italia Bakery, there's one on Metropolitan Ave in Forest Hills and one on Metrop Ave in Kew Gardens ---

      Well, it's a wine bar, and restaurant, but also small plates....cute place
      Uvarara.....haven't heard any recent updates....I will post about it separately as I want to go's in Middle Village

      There are also several dessert spots on Metropolitan ave headed through Middle Village area--

      Not sure if the Red Mango yogurt is open at Rego Park II yet, either...

      Please report back on any finds..thanks

      El Cafetal
      102-25 Jamaica Ave, Queens, NY 11418

      Maggie's Dream Cafe
      7301 Yellowstone Blvd, Queens, NY 11375