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Feb 8, 2011 09:52 AM

Valentine's Day---Going Out or Cooking?

I don't like going out on Valentine's Day or New Year's Eve. Am I the only?

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  1. We're going out, but on Saturday, not Monday. I also wouldn't try to go to a "regular" place. We're going to a special limited seating gig where the room is served, not the table, so you aren't being rushed out in an attempt to seat someone else.

    But otherwise, I'd stay home.

    1. We will be at home. Two nice steaks, either strip or ribeye. The sides are still up in the air, but MsOC has promised to make a cheesecake for dessert.

      1. I think staying in. Thinking about doing something with lobster...havevnt decided what, exactly

        1. Every evening we eat by candle light. I cook wonderful meals all the time; my wife lives in a constant state of cut flowers. Friday I bought home a Navajo turquiose and silver necklace, just because I wanted to. For my wife, every day (almost) is Valentine's Day. I will, in the spirit of the holiday, make something red and white, possibly red chile enchiladas w/ a dollop of white Mexican crema.
          Psssst Virginia, Valentine's Day is a capitalist inspired guilt trip designed to seperate some poor schmuck from his money.

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            ps We are driving to Las Vegas on the 18th for relaxing long weekend.!

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                I so agree, I HATE commercially inspired holidays. Some of the most romantic dinners ever, have been spur of the moment or out camping and cooking over a campfire.

              2. We're doing both, actually. Out to dinner on Friday night, sans child. "Family" dinner on Monday, cooked by the men of the house. Boys, don't forget the chocolate!

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