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Feb 8, 2011 09:45 AM

Restaurants in Savannah Georgia

We will be in Savannah for 2 nights mid-May. We've been told Alligator Soul is excellent, so we're thinking of trying that.

We'd like another suggestion for an evening meal. We'll be staying at the Olde Harbour Inn.

Also on our full day in Savannah, what might some good lunch suggestions be.

We like filet mignon, pork chops, chicken, and seafood. A little fancy is ok. Want excellent quality meal and also excellent service.

It's our first time in the city and we want it to be a memorable experience.

Alligator Soul
114 Barnard St Ste Lowr, Savannah, GA 31401

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  1. I'd check out NOBLE FARE or OLDE PINK HOUSE for dinner.

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    1. Crystal Beer Parlor is a great casual place for lunch or dinner. Johnny Harris has good BBQ. B Matthews is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Belford's a also great for lunch or dinner. Go to Local 11 Ten for fine dining. Have drinks on the rooftop bar. Go to Savannah City Market and visit the fine shops and restaurants there.

      Crystal Beer Parlor @ 301 West Jones St., Savannah, GA. 912 - 231 - 0999.
      Johnny Harris @ 1651 East Victory Dr., Savannah, GA. 912 - 354 - 7810.
      B. Matthews Eatery @ 325 East Bay St., Savannah, GA. 912 - 233 - 1319.
      Belford's Restaurant Seafood and Steaks @ 315 W Street Julian St., Savannah, GA. 912 - 233 - 2626.
      Local 11 Ten @ 1110 Bull St., Savannah, GA. 912 - 790 - 9000.
      Cafe @ City Market @ 224 W. St. Julian St., Savannah, GA. 912 - 236 - 7133.

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        I second BMatthews for any meal. Belford's is a nice space, but overpriced. There really isn't much in the City Market except for tourist shops (including Belford's). Garibaldi's is a decent value (eat in the bar, not in the noisy upstairs dining room with wooden floors and high ceiling).
        Avoid River Street restaurants (where you're staying), although the Greek place is OK.

      2. A couple years ago my husband and I went to JAZZ'D Tapas Bar and it was so awesome I still remember the evening, we had a blast, live entertainment, tasty beverages and awesome food!!!...I had the Martini Marinated Tenderloin Tips and I am still trying to recreate that was great!!!

        1. Alligator Soul is good. Would also recommend Garibaldi or Circa 1875. For something truly memorable try the chef's tasting menu at Elizabeth on 37th. I also like Sugar Daddy's for drinks and small plates. Sapphire Grill is great. You're staying on River Street and I'd avoid pretty much all the eateries along there. Scoot down to the Bohemian and have a drink on their rooftop bar. Enjoy your stay!

          Sapphire Grill
          110 W. St. Julian St., Savannah, GA 31401

          Alligator Soul
          114 Barnard St Ste Lowr, Savannah, GA 31401

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            I know this thread is a little old, but we are heading to Savannah this weekend and I was thinking about trying the rooftop bar you recommended at the Bohemian one night (we are eating at Alligator Soul another night with some friends). I am a sucker for a rooftop bar and this looks like it has an interesting menu and cool atmosphere. Any tips? It would likely be Saturday night, so hopping I'm sure. How are the drinks? Can you reserve a table outside? Thanks for any advice!