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Feb 8, 2011 09:44 AM

How is the fresh Mozzarella @ Whole Foods?

I'm curious - any cheese fanatics out there have an opinion on Whole Foods fresh mozzarella? I'm wondering how it compares with Central Market's.


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  1. I've not had the fresh mozza at Central Market but, I certainly do like the fresh mozza at both Wholefoods and, Jimmy's.
    Jimmy's also has the best price on fresh buffala mozza. $6.99 a tub.

    1. I'd say they are fairly comparable. CM's is a tab more salty which I prefer.

      1. Honestly, I have never cared for the cheeses at Whole Foods. While they have a nice selection, their products taste as if they have been improperly stored and kept long past their prime. Even at Central Market I have had this problem - often finding furry mold on various cheeses. Most recently I purchased a goat cheese that had an expiration of the 21st and it was furry 2 days after I purchased it, a good week before the exp date. I find this often in the larger stores with the larger selections, their turnover is not very good, or the cheese monger doesn't know what they are doing.
        #1 is Dallas' own Mozzarella Co owned by Paula Lambert. I also second Jimmy's for their buffala. Rich's at Scardello's will never steer you wrong, and surprisingly Theresa at Sigel's in Addison has a beautiful selection of hard and soft cheeses. She will often open a 7-12 year old parm for an upcoming holiday.

        1. i enjoy whole foods' frez mozz when it's freshly made. it's drier and saltier than a lot of other fresh mozz in my experience, but pretty good. i haven't used c.m.'s fresh mozz in a long time.

          1. Scardello for cheese, but don't recall any fresh mozz. Paula has incredible mozz, it's what she does. I know that Jimmy's has some nice product they bring in, and are currently taking orders for fresh buratta they have flown in. You will get notices if you add yourself to their mailing list.

            Also Central Market will bring in fresh curds and stretch at a station in the aisles for a dog and pony show. It's pretty easy to make your own though. Takes less than an hour.

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              There was Mozza last time I was at Scardello's.
              Also, I find that the smaller Whole Foods like the one on 75 has a much better cheese selection, than say.. the one on Preston. Addtionally, the Southlake CM selection seems fresher than the Plano locations.