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Feb 8, 2011 09:00 AM

Pickles in Calgary

I am looking for less sour/less salty (not sweet!) pickles. Anything that might be considered "bland" pickles here I guess? Somehow I find pickles here more sour and way saltier than in Europe.

I checked European stores but I would like to find some at RCSS, Safeway, COOP etc. (Easier to access and cheaper)

Any suggestions?


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  1. There are some in the refrigerator section of Safeway that are less pickled. The brand name escapes me but they are above the bacon in my Safeway. I look for the ones that look whiter because the longer they sit even in a refrigerator the more pickled they get.

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      1. re: John Manzo

        I just bought another brand in the Safeway refrigerator section last week. They are called Strub's. They are also superb!

    1. Another vote for Strubs here, the Kosher Full Sours, or Half Sours if you can find them. No vinegar, just brine, but I don't find them overly salty.

      1. Thanks guys! I will check it out on the weekend. I never looked at the refrigerator section. Duh!

        1. I found Strub's only but I like them. Thanks!

          1. Bubbies Pure Kosher Pickles are what your looking for, they are naturally fermented pickles and are not made with any vinegar or preservatives. I have seen them at Sunnyside Market and Community Natural Foods


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              These are by far my favourite pickles, and I've tried them all. Most like ones I had in NYC directly from a barrel. Planet Organic carries them too. (About $8/jar... yikes!)

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                ya they are expensive, but so good