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Pickles in Calgary

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I am looking for less sour/less salty (not sweet!) pickles. Anything that might be considered "bland" pickles here I guess? Somehow I find pickles here more sour and way saltier than in Europe.

I checked European stores but I would like to find some at RCSS, Safeway, COOP etc. (Easier to access and cheaper)

Any suggestions?


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  1. There are some in the refrigerator section of Safeway that are less pickled. The brand name escapes me but they are above the bacon in my Safeway. I look for the ones that look whiter because the longer they sit even in a refrigerator the more pickled they get.

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    1. re: sharonanne

      Vlasic! They're superb.

      1. re: John Manzo

        I just bought another brand in the Safeway refrigerator section last week. They are called Strub's. They are also superb! http://www.strubpickles.com/

        1. re: DeeDub

          Claussen is another one.

    2. Another vote for Strubs here, the Kosher Full Sours, or Half Sours if you can find them. No vinegar, just brine, but I don't find them overly salty.

      1. Thanks guys! I will check it out on the weekend. I never looked at the refrigerator section. Duh!

        1. I found Strub's only but I like them. Thanks!

          1. Bubbies Pure Kosher Pickles are what your looking for, they are naturally fermented pickles and are not made with any vinegar or preservatives. I have seen them at Sunnyside Market and Community Natural Foods


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              These are by far my favourite pickles, and I've tried them all. Most like ones I had in NYC directly from a barrel. Planet Organic carries them too. (About $8/jar... yikes!)

              1. re: beggsy

                ya they are expensive, but so good