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Feb 8, 2011 08:12 AM

BurgerFi Fort Lauderdale

Has anyone tried BurgerFi in Fort Lauderdale yet? I've tried twice. It was supposed to be open on Jan 31, I went the day after. Ghosttown. I went again last Thursday, they said to come back over the weekend. All the reviews I've seen that are glowing are from prior to the opening date which makes me suspicious about their origins. (owners posting much?) and the only one i've seen after the actual opening was NOT glowing, but that reviewer seems to hate everything.

Any actual unbiased opinions of BurgerFi?

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  1. I went there last night. the place was PACKED. I didn't have food - just a shake. The burgers looked really good and smelled great, but can't tell you if they were good or not.

    It was a nice place to sit and hang out a little - busy, lots going on and trendy building.

    I, personally, didn't like the shake. It's a custard shake and the mouthfeel just didn't sit right with me. But I think that is just personal taste.

    If you're looking for a good burger and fries, you should try da Campo Osteria at the il Lugano just south of Burger Fi. I was very pleasantly surprised with having this for a meal. The fries (with fleur de sel and a *very* light dusting of truffle oil) were perfect. The burger was cooked perfectly and had the homemade mozzerella and an onion compote on top.

    Sounds all "froo-froo", but it wasn't. It also was big enough for me to eat 3 meals off of it!


    1. It's a wannabe Shake Shack. Not a bad place to try and copy.

      I went for lunch yesterday and the line was long but most tables were empty. The two people on the register were really slow and inefficient. After ordering it took 15 minutes to get my cheeseburger and fries. Burgers were coming out at snails pace. Not sure what they were doing on the grills and the manager wasn't concerned by the delay. Anyway, the burger was actually good, a little heavy on the cheese but you were still able to taste the meat thanks to the double patty.

      It's on par with 5 Guys, maybe a little better but it's not as good as Shake Shack.

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        Your wannabe Shake Shack review sounds good - but Jennifer's fleur de sel truffle fries and onion compote ???


        Road trip.


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          "a little heavy on the cheese..."

          What? Didn't know there was such a thing! ;o)

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            I tried it late Friday night around 11pm. Was empty when we arrived but the line was 10 deep by the time we left. Burger was a pretty good Shake Shack copy, but a little on the small side given the nearly $6 price. It was late so the burger and fries was enough for me then, but had I gone for a full lunch or dinner, I think I would have felt unfulfilled.

        2. Went there on Friday night. It was packed. Service was slow but I got the impression that the burgers were NOT made to order. Ordered the double cheeseburger with some toppings and the fries/onion rings combination. Burger was above average but not great. They really are stingy on the toppings especially since you have to pay for some of them. The fries were OK but not hot when served. The burger is small for the price and slightly overcooked. The fries combination contained 4 little to medium sized onion rings and they were nothing to get excited about. This place does not compare to 5-Guys or come close to Le Tub. If you want the best burger on the beach, go a little north of Commercial Boulevard on A1A to Stingers. They have a great burger, cooked to order. There is no way this place can call itself a "gourmet" hamburger joint. It is a glorified Mcdonalds. By the way, have you tried the McDonald's Angus Beef Burger, it is as good as if not better than Burgerfi's.

          Le Tub
          1100 N Ocean Dr, Hollywood, FL 33019

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            Is that Stingers Bar & Grill, Pompano?

          2. i finally went. the onion rings & custard shakes are pretty good. the burger is a dry version of five guys and the fries were just okay. i wouldn't schlep all the way to the beach for it, but if i went out there for Keese's and Keese's was closed and I was really hungry I might go back. But their burgers are gourmet as their selection of beer is "craft". meh.


            1. Went yesterday with wife and kids. Wasn't quite sure what to expect, but overall really enjoyed it. Double cheeseburger was good, similar to 5 Guys but not nearly as greasy. Better than Shake Shack. Fries were ago, but the wife liked them a lot. Onion rings were very good - great batter and not too greasy. Good banana shake with small pieces of banana constantly making their way up the straw. Surprise was the Vegi burger, which my toddler had. Excellent, and would likely only be better with some mushrooms on top.