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Feb 8, 2011 07:53 AM

Aberaeron - west Wales

Anyone out there have any recommendations on both accomodation as well as eating out in Aberaeron? If memory serves me correctly the choice will be Harbourmaster v Feathers Hotel but am eager to have my mind changed?

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  1. The Harbourmaster was the best place we ate in Aberaeron. I preferred the bar to the actual restaurant. There was a decent, though not outstanding, tea shop on the main square. We stayed at 3 Pen Cei next door to the Harbourmaster, a small B&B, very comfortable, and they made fresh Welsh griddle cakes for us when we arrived.

    On that particular Wales trip, the best meals I had were the dinners at Llys Meddig in Newport (Pembrokeshire). But that's a little out of your way.

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      Thanks for the tips. I wanted to stay at the Harbourmaster but they insist upon a two-night minimum booking over weekends, and we need only one, so we'll try Pen Cei and eat at the Harbourmaster.

    2. Harbourmaster is the way to go for both. Had an excellent grilled lobster as well as an amazing lamb dish when we stayed there. Rooms were very nice too.