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Feb 8, 2011 07:12 AM

Kürtőskalács or Hugarian Chimney Cake

I came across an article about this unique cake. Anyone know of an Eatern European bakey that has this treat?

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  1. Sorry, I've never seen it in the DC area but there is a whole place dedicated to them in Chicago, newly opened in case you're ever in the neighborhood. I went to check on a relative and stumbled across it:

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      I think I just have a new reason to visit Chicago now.

    2. I found this on the Unicum blog (DC area Hungarians):
      Kürtős Kalács (dessert) sale on Easter Sunday (04/08) in Sterling, VA. on Woodland Rd. [info and/or pre-order: 540-209-7435 or 540-209-7436 ]
      Images of Kürtős Kalács [Chimney Cake]: