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Feb 8, 2011 06:48 AM

Where could I track down a vintage Carbur's menu?

For those that remember Carbur's in Burlington, VT... That menu was so hilarious, so enormous, and was the building block of so many fabulous memories. Anybody know if those menus are still floating around somewhere? I would love to get my hands on one. I checked eBay to no avail.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. Wow, that's a blast from the past. There was one in Portland too. Doesn't help much though does it?

    1. Oh, jeez! I dated the owner's neice back in the '80's and threw out that menu along with other old BTV rubbish last year! I last heard he and his wife run a B&B on Vieques island off PR now.

      1. I see that this is quite old, but in case anyone stumbles upon this discussion, here is a link to a Carbur's menu:

        Maybe you could print it out and laminate it!

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        1. re: gemvt

          Here's a resurrected thread of redeeming value.

          It's a real treat looking at the menu, although I know nothing of the place. The price-points alone are hilarious.

          Great share.

        2. I have the recipe for their Canadian Cheddar Cheese soup! Have it in one of my many VT cookbooks.
          Its really good. Makes 1 gallon though.

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          1. re: windward

            Do you happen to have the recipes for Carbur's deep fried cauliflower and dipping sauce?

            1. re: Spunky01

              Once again I'm delayed in my response, but here's the recipe for Suzie's Sassy Sauce. Not sure about the fried cauliflower, though:

              Suzie's Sassy Sauce:
              1 gal Mayo
              1 qt horse radish, well drained
              1 qt Sour cream
              1 cup Chili sauce
              1 Tsp White Pepper
              The yield is quite high; you may want to readjust the recipe. Enjoy!

              And here is a link to the Cheese Soup:


              1. re: gemvt

                Thanks for the cheese soup recipe!

            2. re: windward

              What is the name of the cookbook and where can I find it? Thanks!!!

            3. Wow, that is a real oldie...must be the same operation that was in Hadley, MA in the late 70's/early 80's. I used to frequent it in my UMASS days.....pages and pages of amazing sandwiches!!