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Feb 8, 2011 06:19 AM


Fellow Chowhounders, please help. First trip to Montreal and there are three of us including an adventurous 14 year old chowhounder in training. What are the "not to be missed" dining/eating experiences in Montreal? I know about the wonderful Smoked Meat and of course Bagels, and I've heard about Pied de Cochon. So, what would you recommend? We're staying in Old Montreal. Really appreciate this!

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  1. there are currently active threads on the first page offering suggestions

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      Hmmm, Celfie. Maybe I am not good at navigating this board, but I don't see anything on first page that talks to not to be missed experiences. I also did a search on the board and couldn't find anything. can you be more specific or point me to a link. Much appreciated.

    2. Hiya, here are a couple of good threads:

      Spring Trip to Montreal - Suggestions?

      A week of Montreal dining for two hungry brothers?

      Mid-range to high-end Montreal restos: personal reccos

      Quintessential Montreal?

      1. Soko, I am probably not the best person to provide help, since I myself am a "tourist" when it comes to Montreal. But my boyfriend and I stayed in the Old Montreal area and will be staying there this March. This is only based on my past experience. In the Old Montreal area, we had dinner at Garde Manger (Chuck Hughes) and Holder. Despite many wonderful reviews, our experience at Garde Manger was not successful (both the food and service was pretty bad, maybe we went on an off-night but my boyfriend did not even finish his main plate. He told me that he could not swallow it anymore....sigh) But Holder was very nice. The food was not super amazing, but it was good and the service was amazing.

        I would also recommend the Olive + Gourmando in the Old Montreal. The service was crappy, but the baked goods were very tasty. We especially liked the Chocolate Banana Brioche: it was dense and yummy that we made the trip again the next day just to buy another one. I believe O+G doesn't open on Sunday and Monday, so you may want to check their website.

        We also went to a place called Le Cartet. We were there for brunch before leaving back to Toronto. I thought it was alright, a bit pricey for the food, but the place had nice vibes and people were lined up to get in on Sunday morning, so I guess it's a not a horrible place?

        Outside of Old Montreal, we went to St.Viateur Bagel, La Banquise and Kitchen Gallerie for a dinner. We also went to Jean Talon Market and ate some munchies here and there including some gelato. They were all fine. Again, we are not montreal locals, but we read numerous reviews and chose carefully since we were only there for a long weekend.....Hope this helps.

        Also, I don't know if you are cupcake fans, but Les Glaceurs is in the Old Montreal area near Notredame and I just saw a group deal (which I just bought). Maybe your family may enjoy the deal also. The link:

        Let me know what your final plans will be. I am super happy to go back in March and am currently planning like crazy! lol. Mostly getting hungry.....

        Le Cartet
        106 Rue McGill, Montreal, QC H2Y, CA

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        1. re: newbie_gourmand

          Thank you for the fine report, but it's called Old Montreal not Old Port.

          1. re: SnackHappy

            hope the edited response makes SnackHappy, truly happy! cheers!

            1. re: newbie_gourmand

              people regularly say old port - natives even.

              1. re: celfie

                That doesn't mean they're correct.

                1. re: SnackHappy

                  Agree. The Old Port is in Old Montreal, but not all of Old Montreal is part of the Old Port, so they can't accurately be used interchangably.

                  1. re: SnackHappy

                    Here's a tip, newb gourmand: Next time, spend less time in the most overpriced, touristy part of town :) Tons of great food awaits outside Old Montreal (& not trying smoked meat is criminal).

                    1. re: Shattered

                      Shattered, I guess since we stayed in Old Montreal, we resorted to staying in the Old Montreal area...besides Garde Manger, Holder and O+G were recommended to us by previous chowhounders (as the popular thread by Carswell) Anywho: I would love to hear your recommendations on "tons of great food" places outside of Old Montreal. Many thanks.

                      1. re: newbie_gourmand

                        The threads above will give you lots of ideas. A few recs off the top of my head: Cafe Ferreira on, Phillinos on Parc, and Schwartz on St. Laurent.

              2. re: SnackHappy

                Well, I believe (as a tourist myself) that the area by the water is called the Old Port. As Wikipedia states:
                "Today, the riverfront welcomes over seven million visitors per year. The historical Old Port offers Montrealers and visitors alike access to a wide variety of activities, including the Montréal Science Centre, with an IMAX Theatre, and the Montreal Clock Tower. It offers riverfront access for walking, cycling, roller-blading, quadricycle, pedalo and Segway rentals. It is also located at the eastern end of the Lachine Canal, which has itself been extensively refurbished as a popular destination for cycling, roller-blading and pleasure boating. Cultural events include the Festival Montréal en lumière, Igloofest and the Matsuri Japon festival.
                The Old Port of Montreal changed its name to The Quays of the Old Port of Montreal in 2005. Every 2 years the Cirque du Soleil launches a new show from the Jacques Cartier Quay."

                1. re: shopgirl

                  Old Port = park/tourist area on the water front.
                  Old Montreal = general historic area including the Old Port.
                  restaurants are in Old Montreal not the Old Port
                  cirque de soleil is in the Old Port which is in Old Montreal

                  1. re: shopgirl

                    Yes, the area South of De La Commune which includes all the things listed in the wikipedia entry is The Old Port. Everything North up to Saint-Antoine is the historic district of Old Montreal. Every place mentionned in newbie_gourmand's post is in Old Montreal.

                    Furthermore, Old Montreal was around long before what we now call The Old Port was created and no one ever confused the two until a few years ago.

                  2. re: SnackHappy

                    "Old Port" is fine newbie-Gourmand, I've been living in Montreal my whole life and always say, "let's go to the old port" and people know you mean Old Montreal, no need to excuse yourself.

                    1. re: ios94

                      thank you, ios94. :) I'm frankly not sure what the whole discussion on the name was all about...but it's important to people, I guess. I'm more interested in the food, but that's just my fatty belly pondering along.

                2. Not a Montreal native, but visit every year or two. My musts are your list, Schwartz's, St. Viateur, and Au Pied de Cochon, end of story. Oh, Moishes 100 feet from Schwartz's has one of best strip steaks ever.

                  1. I would say not to miss Kazu on St Catherine St. It is small and the food is not quintessential Montreal but it is truly a hot restaurant and is making or already made its mark on our food scene
                    1862 Sainte-Catherine Street West, Montreal, QC, Canada

                    1862 Sainte-Catherine St W, Montreal, QC H3H 1M1, CA