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Feb 8, 2011 05:53 AM

Kansas City, new Noodle Shop at 75th and Metcalf

Has anyone tried this new place that recently opened at this intersection, next to a Chili shop and Petco? I'm curious for some feedback before I stop in. Appears to be Japanese or Korean possibly?

Thanks, Sara

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  1. I drove by today and I believe this place is called Sabuka Buffet (noodle shop). Is it truly a buffet; has anyone been here? It's only opened recently.

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    1. re: sara722003

      I Googled "Sabuka Buffet, Overland Park" and not one link came up; it must really be new! If it were me, I'd put on my adventure hat and go for it.

    2. ooooh! Sounds great. - somoene needs to go NOW!

      1. OK! So I went. And....
        They will make a noodle bowl for you. The sushi is so so. There is also a standard Chinese buffet involved.
        Won't be back. Not that special.

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        1. re: stellamystar

          Way to venture out, stellamystar! Sorry it was a major disappointment. With a review like that, I'm surprised they're still there since the original post in February!!

          1. re: GiGiWy

            I was shocked as well! Too bad. Maybe I missed something..but, I don't think so.

            1. re: stellamystar

              thanks for the update, Stellamystar. I have been confined this summer due to some broken bones, but I'm healing well and needing to explore the new places around here.