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Feb 8, 2011 05:51 AM


While we're enjoying cooking from this month's COTM, it's time to think about nominations for March 2011. Some of the books that were nominated or discussed last month were:

Nigel Slater - any or all of his books
Jamie Oliver - March as Jamie Oliver Month
Spices of Life by Nina Simonds
Whole Grains Every Day, Every Way by Lorna Sass
One Big Table - one of the most praised nominations

Nominations for those books or any cookbook of your choosing are now open to everyone. Please feel free to vote and participate; the more the merrier. Let us know why you like the cookbook. List any links to favorite recipes from the book, or be careful to paraphrase shared recipes (see Guidelines for Posting Recipes for more information).

Please nominate your book USING ALL CAPS FOR THE TITLE AND AUTHOR. To prevent any future confusion, I ask that you resist seconding or thirding a nomination; they can get out of order on the thread or be misconstrued by this coordinator.

Voting will end on Saturday, Feb. 12 at 12 noon, Central time. If the vote is too close to call, a run-off may be needed.

Looking forward to this and the next five months of nominations. Have fun and enjoy sharing!


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Thanks for stepping up to the plate, bayoucook.

      Could I ask you, please, to clarify something. If we aren't supposed to second a nomination, doesn't that mean there will only be one nomination for each book? Or do you mean that if we want to second a nomination we repeat the title and author in all caps rather than just say something like "+1" or "I second that"? And am I correct in interpreting your comment about "a runoff might be needed" to mean that if one title gets a majority of the nominations that will be the selection and there will be no vote?

      Just want to clarify, since this seems to be a change in procedure from the past. Nothing wrong with that. Just want to make sure we all understand just what the rules are.

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      1. re: JoanN

        Hi JoanN - sorry about that confusion. I had noticed in reading other COTM threads that a few of the 2nd or 3rd-ing of a vote got "out of line" and it was a little hard to tell what they were seconding until I noticed who the 2nd or 3rd was referenced to. Of course you can still do it that way and I'll just be very careful to get the count right. Probably shouldn't have mentioned a run-off - I know that confused another voter as well. A run-off to me would have to be two or more books with the same number of votes; then it would be only fair to to do. I'm mostly t rying to abide by the posting rules of CH; I'm not a big rules person when it comes to enjoying things like this. My first time out might be a little shaky, but I promise it'll get better!


        1. re: bayoucook

          Apologies, bayoucook, if I was being a bit dense. Atherosclerosis of the brain cells as I dodder into senior citizenhood, I'm sure. Just wasn't sure what you meant when you said no seconding or thirding. And after the mini hoohah last month over there being no voting thread, I just wanted to make sure I was on the same page as everyone else.

          It's hard for me to believe that COTM has been going strong for four-and-a-half years now. New people have come; old people have gone. It doesn't hurt to reflect every once in a while on whether or not current procedures work best both for the coordinator and the participants. If you have a better way of doing something, I'll be first in line behind you. And I don't see any shaking at all. You're looking steady as a rock to me.

          1. re: JoanN

            Thanks JN, please don't apologize, I think i was unclear on a couple of points. As far as the second- and thirding go, that's just me - i'm sure the next coordinator won't mind it at all. I may be relaxed about rules sometimes, but it's important to me to be *correct* and thorough. I wanted to get the best count of votes I could. I appreciate your support so much. -Paula

      2. Alrighty then. I get back home March 5th, and would absolutely love to play along to JAMIE OLIVER MONTH. But I'm also happy to wait until April, since I have a feeling extreme fatigue will take over (or get even more extreme).

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        1. re: LulusMom

          I was thinking to myself exactly that --that you'll be too tired/busy from 2 months out of the country to enjoy this! Do you feel like you wanna "come down" a little first?

          1. re: blue room

            (picture me fuming in a hotel room after 6 weeks away) My husband has just informed me that he'll be gone *at least* 10 days over the months of March and April, I'll be happy to jump in and play whenever the chance comes up, but won't be doing quite as much as I would normally, I guess. Grrrrr.

            1. re: LulusMom

              Now is the time to dabble in a cuisine he doesn't prefer. For me, that would be Indian.


              1. re: The Dairy Queen

                He eats most everything, and usually, when he is away, Lulu and I take advantage of his guilt and have ladies night out on his tab. Saves me the trouble of cooking for just me and a kid. I used to love to experiment with cooking while he was away, but now I often find myself so busy that it doesn't seem worth it. Soon, when Lulu can help a bit more (she already does some stuff, and it is great!), maybe this will change.

                but ... now that you mention it, there was that arugula pesto that people raved about during Fish without a Doubt month ...