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Feb 8, 2011 05:32 AM

Do you look for the UL mark?

I'm curious if anyone when purchasing electircal kitchen appliances looks for the UL mark on the products before they purchase?

Regardless of your age, your mother would have probably not bought any plug in item without looking for that little tag with UL on it. I always look, but have noticed that it's not always there. Are we still looking, do we still care, or are we beyond having an outside source qualify products before we purchase. There are many building codes that require things like circuit breakers to have the UL mark, but small appliances are not included in any codes. Just wondering, thanks.

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  1. Funny you mention this, yes I do. I just found myself several months ago purchasing stringed lights on the cheap, and checking before hanging them to see if they had the UL tag! They did. But I can honestly say, I never used to think about it when purchasing items, but nowadays I will!

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      Make sure it's a real UL mark, and not a fake. (Lots of cheap chinese crap has fake UL and CE labels on it.)

    2. Your household insurance might be compromised in the event of fire if an un-certified appliance is found to be the cause--that's the point.

      1. Only on old appliances or very, very cheap ones. I have to assume most name brand appliances are safe.

        I once found a lamp meant for indoor suntanning, and it was not UL safe. Might have made a good Salamandre.