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Feb 8, 2011 05:30 AM

Good Eats that our not too exspensive?

Can someone list the hotspots for me? And, also places to eat that are very good but not Le Bec Fin priced or the Four Seasons Restaurant? Thanks

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  1. There is tremendous range below LBF and Four Seasons... actually LBF has a $40 tasting menu at certain hours now. But roughly how much do you want to spend? Alcohol?

    1. I'll bite - Bibou, Kanella, Zahav, Bistrot La Minette, choose a Garces place, Amis, Osteria, August (So Phila), Le Virtue, Paradiso (passyunk Ave)

      1. Just had an excellent meal at Sonata in Northern Liberty at 1030 N American St. They're a BYO with amazing food reasonably priced.

        1. Thanks for All the recommendations. Less than 50$ I would say for sure. Or cheaper. Lol. And sorry I spelled are "our" lol

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            Not to mention "exspensive" ;)

          2. how cheap are you looking?
            i agree with osteria and bibou.
            if you want really cheap, but tasty, chinatown has some amazing finds, including soup dumplings (!) and hand drawn noodles. of course, i'd be loathe to not mention my perennial favorite, the reading terminal market.. beck's cajun cafe is soooo tasty and costs sooooo little!