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Glasses/glass bowls for soup, salads, desserts, etc.

I'm looking to buy glasses/glass bowls to show off a wide range of dishes (think gazpacho and pudding). Any suggestions?

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  1. Bormioli Duralex Mr Chef.

    1. Second the Duralex suggestion - I personally like the Viva bowls. Attractive, but also practical (dishwasher and microwave safe). Available in a range of sizes.

        1. Not sure if you need something better quality but we bought a bunch of very nice glass bowls (about a half-gallon capacity, I think?, maybe a bit smaller) at our local 99¢ Store.......... for .............99¢ each.

          The shape is like these:

          1. I bought a bunch of dishwasher safe stemless martini glasses and have used them to serve trifle and other desserts. They would be good for gazpacho too.

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                LOL. Yes, they have gotten used for their stated purpose. It's just nice to know you can use them for other things too.

            1. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I'm looking into them.

              As far as shape goes, I'm open to lots of things, but something along these lines really appeals to me:


              I also like this shape:


              For some reason, I'm drawn to the idea of using glasses as contemporary bowls.

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                sushigirlie: "For some reason, I'm drawn to the idea of using glasses as contemporary bowls."

                In that case, enter Kwarx into your search engine. Very, very thin, but as close to unbreakable as glass gets. See http://www.torquato.co.uk/6-kwarx-tum...

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                  Thanks for the recommendation. That's what I had in mind. Most commercial glasses--even the glasses people have recommended--seem a little too thick.

              2. I would check out depression glass at your local flea market.