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BYOB with GOOD Gnoochi?

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Anybody know any BYOBs in Philly with really good Gnoochi? Its been awhile since I've had diner in Philly. Thanks!

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  1. My first thought is Modo Mio.

    1. Cucina Forte fits the bill. 8th street at Catherine

      1. L'Angolo in S. Phila.

        1. I secong L'Angolo --akthough we have not been in awhile, we've had several memorable meals tehre. where NOT to go --the namesake restaurant Gnocci at 5th and Bambridge --that is remembered in our family for the worst rendition of that dish. my kids kept asking "why did they name it gnocci?? when the gnocci was so bad??"

          1. Cucina Forte is known for their gnocchi. That's where we go when we get the gnocchi craving.
            Get the cheese!

            1. It's been a while since I've been there now and it looks like they changed the sauce for it (it was a really good, simple mushroom/olive oil sauce before) but I LOVED Salento's version of Gnocchi.

              1. I love the gnocci at Hosteria D'Elio and also at La Viola.

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                  For some reason I am craving Gnocchi Sorrentina so I think Hosteria D'Elio is the winner, its the only one of all those mentioned that has it!